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Number 353 - David Bowie

Number 353

David Bowie

"Cat People"

................Genre: Rock...............
See these eyes soooo green
If anything for a film title "Avatar" should have been called "Cat People" Maybe I should have turned that sentence into a question [? .. hmmm] So, what are the Top Ten films David Bowie has been in? Well according to here is the list you have all been waiting for ... #10: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1973) #9: Hunger, The (1983) #8: Zoolander (2001) #7: Basquiat (1996) #6: Imagine: John Lennon (1988) #5: Mayor of the Sunset Strip (2003) #4: Last Temptation of Christ, The (1988), #3: Prestige, The (2006), #2: Labyrinth (1986) and #1: Man Who Fell to Earth, The (1976). [each link is a page to reviews of the films, hence how they got their ratings - so yell at them not me if you disagree]
Cat People never made the list for the obvious reason .... Bowie was never in the film! But where was "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence"?, now that should have been Number 1~ crowbarred
wtf is Cat People?
The hot Nastassja Kinski
Well ... Wikipedia explain it like this .. "Cat People is a 1982 erotic horror film directed by Paul Schrader and starring Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, and John Heard. Alan Ormsby wrote the screenplay, basing it loosely on the story by DeWitt Bodeen, the screenwriter for the acclaimed 1942 original. Giorgio Moroder composed the film's score, including the theme song which features lyrics and vocals by David Bowie."
Rotten Tomatoes give the film a 64% Tomatometer rating and good ole IMDB 5.9 stars out of 10. Leonard Maltin gave no opinion [i gather], but, Ivana Redwine from did have this to report "But Irena is unaware that both she and her brother are cat people, a sort of feline-human hybrid that upon becoming sexually aroused reverts to a violent, animalistic state." followed by "I found Cat People worth watching, but it was a guilty pleasure."
Theartrical trailer 1982
Yes, ah, lets move onto the music side of the business ..... quickly
The Song [which is better than the movie or so they say]
5 fingers aka Thin White Duke
Schrader engaged Bowie for a theme song in 1981, with Moroder having already recorded most of the music. Bowie was to put lyrics to the main theme. The words only had a basic relation to the film. The B-side is a Moroder-only instrumental which featured no input from Bowie. The song itself, in keeping with the dark tone of the film, has some slight goth rock influences, with Bowie singing in a deep croon while being backed up by a female chorus, a combination that The Sisters of Mercy would commonly employ years later. Because of Moroder's contract, the single was issued by MCA. The full-length version appeared on the soundtrack album, and the 12" single, while a 4:08 edited version was made for the 7" release. The single reached #26 in the UK, and #67 in the US - Bowie's biggest hit there since "Golden Years". It peaked at #1 in New Zealand, remaining there for three weeks [Oh, that probably explains something], as well as in Sweden for four weeks. It was also #1 in Norway for seven consecutive weeks, and then returned to the top for a further week.
In 1983, Bowie re-recorded the song for his album Let's Dance. This version was also released as the B-side to the title track's single release, and performed on Bowie's Serious Moonlight Tour. In 2009, the track was used in another film, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
For m0re Bowie see #390, #455, #465, #495, #513 [with Queen] & #634
RS 1984
Does RS have a view on cat people? [not really]
Bowie settled in New York to record the paranoiac Scary Monsters (Number 12, 1980), updating "Space Oddity" in "Ashes to Ashes." One of the first stars to understand the potential of video, he produced some innovative clips for songs from Lodger and Scary Monsters. After that album, Bowie turned his attention away from his recording career. In 1980 he played the title role in The Elephant Man, appearing in Denver, in Chicago and on Broadway. He collaborated with Queen on 1981's "Under Pressure" and provided lyrics and vocals for "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" (Number 67, 1982), Giorgio Moroder's title tune for the soundtrack of Paul Schrader's remake of Cat People. His music was used on the soundtrack of Christiane F (1982), and he also appeared in the film. That year, Bowie also starred in the BBC-TV production of Brecht's Baal, and as a 150-year-old vampire in the movie The Hunger. ~ [Source: RS]
For Queen see #366, #539, #747, #799, #805
Rolling Stone magazine deemed their '353rd song of all Time' was "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Claption. Eric Clapton has appeared in The Definitive 1000 of All Time @ #537
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Need more information on the song "Cat People"? Here are some SongFacts for you to ponder over! Click here > Fact Stuff

Official Website for David Bowie @ This addy & for other Information/Biography click this link > Here ~ crowbarred [because power is knowledge]
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Did you noticed we deleted all our internet links from our website?) and the Album ranked [Not as if we need the traffic .. we just need readers!]
This song has a Definitive 1000 rating of 80.7 out of 108
Live version circa 1983
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Howdy! Long time no comment. This is a great song. I wrote about it when writing about Bowie a couple of years ago (Both the Let's Dance version at and the superior original version at I contended then (and continue to contend now) that the original is superior as a Bowie song, but the "Let's Dance" version is superior as a Stevie Ray Vaughan song. His guitar work is sublime on the latter version. However, it loses the dread that's present in the film version and that deserves criticism as it ultimately undermines the song.

Anyhow, your project continues to bring me great joy. Keep it up! Keep it up!

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