Thursday, April 19, 2007

Number 631 - Nick Gilder

Number 631

Nick Gilder

"Hot Child In The City"

Born December 21, 1951, England, first came to prominence as frontman for Canada's first Glam Rock band, Sweeney Todd. They had a number one hit, Roxy Roller which held on to the top spot in the Canadian music charts for 3 weeks in 1975. It went on to win a Juno Award for Best Selling Single the following year.Feeling they had international scope, Gilder and fellow band member, guitarist and songwriting partner, James McCulloch left the band and signed a US record deal.It wasn't until his second album, which spawned the smash hit "Hot Child in the City" did Gilder finally duplicate his success in the US.
That song went number one both in Canada and the US. It also earned him 2 more Juno Awards - Best Selling Single and Most Promising Male Vocalist in Canada as well as a People's Choice Award in the US.His third Canadian number one hit came in 1984 as a songwriting collaboration with songwriter Holly Knight in the song "The Warrior" which was recorded by Scandal, and it earned him a BMI Airplay Award.Gilder has enjoyed a successful solo career. Both as a recording artist and songwriter for artists such as , , Joe Cocker and Pat Benatar. His songs have been used in several movies such as Youngblood with and The Wraith with , and in TV series like Sex and the City and That '70s Show.Returning to Canada in the mid 90s, quickly became a favorite in the Classic Rock music festivals across Canada, where he continues to record and tour.
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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Ah yes Nick Gilder, Ah ... Who?) and the album ranked at (PFFFFFFFFFFFT)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 71.2 out of 108
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