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Number 650 - Color Me Badd

Number 650

Color Me Badd

"I Wanna Sex You Up"

................Genre: R&B...............
Now i will be the first to admit i just could not embrace the new "Black" music when it got hot in the early 90's (forgive me, but hear me out & not to forget 3 out of 4 of C.M.B are white!). Rap, Modern R&B was to me just *C*R*A*P*, or RAP with a spelt with a silent "C". But as the years waned, so did the attitude and i found myself listening to more "Slow Jam" "R&B" & Rap than i wanted to admit to. But it was one day when i use to make my "Mellow Mix Cassettes" (isn't it great to have mp3?) and the content was 60% R&B Rap etc when i realised i actually couldn't get past a day without listening to the genre. There it was with my Nirvana, Neil Young & Metallica soaking itself in quite happily. So i say to you all, "Black Eyed Peas" or to even "50 Cents" has its place in my ears. I am now a true convert and yanno what.... I'm quite happy *dissing out to the pimp space" y'all*. This song in the countdown was one of the songs that made me love this genre. Did i admit it at the time? Hell No. But i smile now looking back :) (at least im honest)
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aint no sunshine
This vocal quartet formed as high school students in Oklahoma City before relocating to New York. They proved adept at both churning dance tunes and sincere ballads. Signing to Giant Records, they broke through in 1991 with their performance of "I Wanna Sex You Up" on the soundtrack of . Released as a single, the song topped the R&B charts, went Top Five pop, and enjoyed double-platinum sales. They followed it with the gold-selling "I Adore Mi Amor," which hit #1 on both the pop and R&B charts. The singles set the stage for the first album, C.M.B., which sold over three million copies and spawned the gold-selling number one pop hit "All 4 Love" as well as the Top 20 singles "Thinkin' Back" and "Slow Motion." Color Me Badd's next single was another movie soundtrack song, "Forever Love" from Mo' Money, their sixth consecutive single to reach the Top 20.
Ah ... the 90's!
They finished 1992 second only to as the top pop singles act of the year. After slating fans' thirst for a new album with the remix collection Young, Gifted and Badd - The Remixes, the group issued their second album of new material, Time and Chance, in November 1993. It featured two Top 20 pop singles, the title track (which also made the R&B Top Ten) and "Choose," and went gold, but that was a commercial disappointment after the enormous success of the first album. Now & Forever (1996) gave Color Me Badd a final Top 20 pop single in "The Earth, the Sun, the Rain," but it barely registered in the charts. The group switched to Sony for a final album, Awakening, but its commercial failure led them to disband. ~ [Ron Wynn & William Ruhlmann]
Rolling Stone were absent that year and nad nought to say about C.M.B
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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Hell, we didn't even review & rate them when they were alive) and the Album ranked at Number (Next!)
This song has a Definitive 1000 rating of 70.5 out of 108 pts

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