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Number 693 - Mondo Rock

Number 693

Mondo Rock

"Come Said The Boy"



Australian rock group Mondo Rock re-enter "The Definitive Countdown" with their smash 1984 hit "Come Said The Boy" Also see number 993.

With the breakup of Daddy Cool in 1975, guitarist Ross Wilson, who had become a fixture on the Australian music scene, formed his own label with Little River Band manager . Within a year, Wilson had released his first single and put together the initial lineup of Mondo Rock, but despite securing a following for live performances, the group split before issuing any material. It wasn't until mid-1978 that Mondo Rock, with Wilson helming a new incarnation, released a single with "The Fugitive Kind." For the next several years, Mondo Rock went through a series of lineups, but it also became one of the more popular acts in Australia, particularly as a live act. In 1982, Mondo Rock released its debut U.S. single, "State of the Heart," and although it failed to chart, it would become a Top 30 hit for Rick Springfield three years later.

For Rick Springfield see Number 724

The group continued its run of success in Australia, though, charting with albums like Nuovo Mondo (1982) and The Modern Bop (1984), notching hit singles with "No Time," "Come Said the Boy," and "Primitive Love Rites." The latter became a minor hit in the States, reaching number 71 in the spring of 1987. Wilson took time off from the band to record a solo effort, Dark Side of the Man, which was released in 1989, regrouping Mondo Rock for Why Fight It two years later. However, the album made little impact and Wilson pulled the plug on Mondo Rock to pursue other projects. ~ Tom Demalon

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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Daddy Cool? Wasn't that a Bony M song?) and the Album ranked at Number (Rick Springfield? Isn't he a Doctor?)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 68.7 out of 108 pts
Dr Shag performing "Come Said The Boy"
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