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Number 976 - Graham Parker

Number 976

Graham Parker

"Hold Back the Night"


................Genre: Rock...............
Believe it or not the "experts" class Graham Parker as Alternative Rock (wonder how Nickelback & 3 Doors Down feel about that?) Since it is Alternative Rock I'd better pay attention as its my favourite genre.
You have a question?
"Stereotyped early in his career as the quintessential angry young man, Graham Parker was one of the most successful singer/songwriters to emerge from England's pub rock scene of the early '70s. Drawing heavily from Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones, Parker developed a sinewy fusion of driving rock & roll and confessional folk-rock, highlighted by his indignant passion, biting sarcasm, and bristling anger. At the outset of his career, his albums crackled with pub rock energy, snide witticisms, and gentle insights, earning him a devoted following of fans and critics, who lavished praise on his debut, Howlin' Wind. Despite all of the positive word of mouth, Parker never managed to become a star, and he was soon overshadowed by the emergence of Elvis Costello, a singer/songwriter who shared similar roots. After delivering Squeezing Out Sparks in 1979, Parker attempted to make a few crossover albums before settling into a cult following in the late '80s, continuing to garner critical acclaim."

Ok, so far i dare not argue, obviously this artist deserves attention, i have the song...its quite poppy and smart (but Lord not alternative...shhh) even catchy ... am i missing something?
I have X-ray vision
"After spending much of his early adulthood working odd jobs, ranging from breeding mice and guinea pigs to working at a gas station, Parker began seriously pursuing a musical career in 1975. Until that time, he had played in a number of obscure pub rock groups, including a cover band that had spent time playing in Morocco and Gibraltar. But it wasn't until 1975 that he began shopping his demos. That year, Dave Robinson, one of the co-founders of the new independent label Stiff, heard one of Parker's demo tapes and encouraged the songwriter, helping him assemble a backing band called the Rumour. Robinson rounded up several stars of the pub rock scene -- guitarist Brinsley Schwarz and keyboardist Bob Andrews, both formerly of the leading pub rockers Brinsley Schwarz, former Ducks Deluxe guitarist Martin Belmont, former Bontemps Roulez drummer Steve Goulding, and bassist Andrew Bodnar -- to form the Rumour, and the band was soon supporting Parker on the dying pub rock scene. With the assistance of DJ Charlie Gillett, the group landed a record contract with Mercury by the end of 1975."

Boy, being at "Rock School" is tough, i even actually even recognise a name or two in that blurb, now pay attention...its the last bit (well actually its not but like you im growing weary to the fact its just an "adequate pop song in the Definitive 1000) ......
Remember Blue blockers?
"Graham Parker & the Rumour headed into the studio to cut their debut album with producer Nick Lowe, who gave the resulting record, Howlin' Wind, an appealingly ragged edge. Howlin' Wind was greeted with enthusiastic reviews upon its summer release, as did the similar Heat Treatment, which followed in the fall. Despite the positive press, Parker was growing frustrated with Mercury, believing that the company was not properly promoting and distributing his records. His third album, Stick to Me, had to be re-recorded quickly after the original tapes were discovered to be defective prior to its scheduled release. As a result, Stick to Me received mixed reviews upon its fall 1977 release, which derailed Parker's momentum slightly. Furthermore, Elvis Costello, a fellow pub rock survivor who not only possessed a more pop-oriented style of songwriting, but also a more dangerous persona, soon eclipsed Parker in popularity. Frustrated by his career hitting a standstill, Parker released the live double album The Parkerilla in the summer of 1978 in order to get out of his contract. Following a short but intense bidding war, he quickly signed to Arista Records, where he released "Mercury Poisoning" -- a blistering attack on his former record label -- as the B-side of a promotional single as his first record for the label. " read more ~ [Source: Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide]
Believe it or not there is till two more indepth paragraphs, ok the guy might be special, but he had one hit, [OK 3, but you get my drift & after all ... it was a remake to boot] Yet there is endless blurb fitting of a major artist.Synopses.......I like the song, hell, its even in the Definitive 1000 Of All Time, is that not enough?
For Van Morrison see #987
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For Nickelback visit Mellow Mix Vol 1 #057, #034
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Official Website for Graham Parker @ This addy & for other Information/Biography click this link > Here ~ crowbarred [because power is knowledge]
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at (Nope they hated it) and the Album ranked at Number (Nope, doesn't even know its out yet) Hell even Rolling Stone don't know how important this guy is.
This song has a total rating of 49.6 out of 108
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