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Number 538 - Th' Dudes

Number 538

Th' Dudes

"Walking In Light"

3rd palm tree past Hawaii
Tiny wee place innit? Funny thing is we Kiwi's all dream of escaping for a holiday to Fiji (if they don't beat you up when getting there by their government) or Hawaii, yet we are not that much bigger ourselves, yet most of us have a metropollis outlook to our own Islands. For example, i live in a city of 1.3 million people, so excuse me for not feeling like i'm laxasnoozing as if i was sitting on a deck chair in Maui. (I wish)
Osama? (Oh please)
So when a teeny country like ours breaks into the big time with any type of music, you have to sort of think, "thats pretty amazing". To be honest we havent made the worlds biggest splash to date, but more of a raindrop landing in a ocean somewhere. Most UK and Americans have heard of Crowded House and to some degree the likes of Spilt Enz, Dragon (No they are not from Oz*), OMC, Blindspott, Th'Dudes, Keith Urban, Richard O'Brien **(Rocky Horror), Breaks Co-Op, Datsuns, Serj Tankain *** & Concord Dawn to name a few. Russell Crowe? ****
* Most bands/Artists who make it big outside of NZ are ususally mistaken as being Australian. Australia is one of the worse culprits of doing such that. Just ask an Ocker where Phar Lap came from.
** Richard O'Brien is actually born in England, but prefers being known as a Kiwi (Yeah yea, we are just as bad as our cousins from across the ditch)
*** As Spock would say ...... "Fascinating"
**** I went to school with Russell, lets just say he's a better actor than singer.
A Message from Th' Dudes
Yep! We had such a good time in '06, we've decided to play a few dates after Christmas '07 with th' help of our old chums at Radio Hauraki. Summer tours werealways about fun and kickin' back, and we're gonna make sure this one is no exception! And we're excited and privilegedto have a couple ofth' country's finestyoung bandsalong forth' ride: The Electric Confectionaires and The Dukes. Here's how it'll pan out: .....
Friday Dec 28 - Mangawhai Tavern - Mangawhai
Saturday Dec 29 - Brewers - Mt Maunganui
Sunday Dec 30 - Coroglen Tavern - Coroglen
Monday Dec 31 - Waihi Beach Hotel - Waihi Beach
Wednesday Jan 2 - Hawea Motor Inn - Hawea
Friday 4 Jan - Riwaka Inn - Nelson
Saturday 5 Jan - Butlers Reef Tavern - New Plymouth
Roll Call ....
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Artist Fact File
Name:Th' Dudes....................Related to³:DD Smash
Yrs Active:1975 to 1980...........Site:None
Best Song¹
Best Album²:Right First Time......Grammy Awards:0
Albums Sold:20 Thousand +.........Next best thing:Shihad
¹Number of downloads WINMX ²Artistdirect choice ³Associated acts or collaborations
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Who are Th' Dudes?, Dood)) and the Album ranked at Number (And where the crap is NZ??)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 73.9 out of 108 pts
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