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Number 546 - Peter Frampton

Number 546

Peter Frampton

"Show Me The Way"

art by LosBloques
Go on.... Guess! How many albums did Esquire P Frampton sell of "Frampton Comes Alive"?
Correct! No-one knows.
Some doof along the line stopped counting after 6 million copies sold in the US alone in '76! Did his abacus run out of beads? You well may ask. Rolling Stone Mag don't know even ole Guinness Book of Records don't know (Maybe i should ask Frampy himself) hey good idea ....
To: (cos he's hip yanno)
From: (yea yea, im square)

Subject: How much shit, er i mean "P.Frampy comes Alive" Ablums did you sell?

Hello Petey ole mate,
Its me Crowbarred, yanno the 1000 and all that, you remember. (kaff) Anyhooo me and the reader(s) were wondering how many albums did you sell of "Ole Frampy Comes Alive" ? (much better than the tittle "Frampy comes out") Some dumkoff in 76 stopped counting after 6 million and we are all curious to know old spud. Oh & hey, how much do you make of an album sold? It is more than a € Pound/euro (whatever) now? Do you have the twenty quid you owe me on that bet the redhead would say no? (he always forgets that night).
Go the Boks! (he hates rugby. ha!)
Lata, ©rowbarred
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I will let you know when he replies, Frampy is very private & hates anyone knowing his email addy.
What does Rolling Stone think about Frampy?
Peter Frampton was one of those quintessential '70s success stories -- a fast burn, a hazy comedown, and lots of embarrassing stains afterward. A journeyman En glish guitarist formerly of the Herd and Humble Pie, with several dull studio albums behind him and no fans to speak of, Peter suddenly scored one of the decade's biggest hits with Frampton Comes Alive! He had a simple formula: frizzy blond ringlets, shirts that probably didn't even have buttons, mellow romantic ballads, long guitar solos, even longer electric-piano solos, a strange guitar/voicebox contraption that could say "that's all roit!!" (which we all found inexplicably exciting at the time), and an audience full of kids in dialogue with all the machines in the strangely inspiring techno-utopian epic "Do You Feel Like We Do?" There must have been a killer light show or something, too, judging from the crowd squeals that popped up during the otherwise none-too-rocking boogie jams. "Baby I Love Your Way" was a superbly goopy acoustic ballad, "Show Me the Way" a slightly tougher sequel, and Frampton sold millions of records. ~ [Source RS:From the 2004 The New Rolling Stone Album Guide]

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (don't taz' me bro) and the Album ranked at (zzzzzzzt!)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 73.7 out of 108 pts
Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way
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