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Number 510 - Tina Arena

Number 510

Tina Arena


................Genre: Vocal...............
Article by Tez
Hiya Folks, damn, been awhile since I've been here (Mr. Almighty is to blame for sure) yeah, lets blame him, I'm not taking the blame for being AWOL. I'm not taking the blame for having such a busy life that I don't get time to scratch myself, let alone put pen to paper. But this writing is a must, it's my relax time because it's on my all time favourite thing. MUSIC!!! About 400 hundred million years ago, (well feels like that long ago) I travelled throughout the USA and Canada during that time I wanted to be able to listen to 'my' music. Meaning Australian Artists, so I copied hundreds of songs onto tapes. See I told you 400 hundred million years ago, ha-ha.
One of those Artists was Tina Arena. This woman has a voice that make men weak at the knee's and women's hearts flutter (trust me). I played her songs more than any other artist whilst traveling in the US and Canada, Why? Because I wanted the world to know what a great singer she is. I remember travelling down the Alaska high way for the 4Th time with a busload of guys and gals and put her album "don't ask" into the tape deck on the bus, the whole bus went quiet and listened. What a woman. Her song "Chains" Is still my all time favourite of hers, is gives me chills every time I listen to it, even now 30 million years later. Enjoy this woman and if you don't, don't hesitate to tell me you didn't. ~ Tez .
The Album ...
Your suppose to wear the dress!
It's perhaps easy to expect too much after the stellar debut single "Chains." That's not to say Arena's debut offers nothing to the listener; it could have been far worse, since top session men Tim and John Pierce and drummer Pat Mastelotto (the Rembrandts, King Crimson) don't appear for nothing. Even so, a lot of Don't Ask remains twee. However, there are good moments in the shape of showcase single "Chains," power ballad "Heaven Help My Heart" and the bouncy closing track "Standing Up." There's room for improvement then, although Arena can deliver some fine vocals, and David Tyson (Alannah Myles, Amanda Marshall) supplies some equally fine production. The gorgeous "Sorrento Moon" suggests Arena may yet become the Astrud Gilberto of Australia. ~ [Kelvin Hayes, All Music Guide]
The person...
Sultry? Me?
Today Tina Arena is Australia's most successful female recording artist. She spent her childhood in the late 70s on national Australian television on the weekly feel-good Young Talent Time show, where a regular troupe of children sang the hits of the day and yesterday until each child reached 'retirement' age and was replaced with another bright, but younger singer. Many of those children struggled personally and professionally once they were replaced. A few, after battling to re-establish themselves. have gone on to meaningful careers in entertainment. Even as a tiny girl known for her big voice and stage presence Tina Arena dropped from sight for several years following her Young Talent Time tenure, years she spent trying to get up a recording career, working the club circuit alone or in bands, or appearing in musicals. In 1990 at the age of 21 she was reinvented as a raunchy disco diva with a national #2 single, "I Need Your Body."
shwing like this..
It gave her a successful album and more hits, but was a momentary apparition, because this was never a music style or an image Tina herself was comfortable with. Another "silent" period followed during which she appeared in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, and spent some time living in Los Angeles. Determined to succeed, in 1994 she landed a new Sony recording contract on her own terms, lauching her new career with the powerful soul ballad "Chains," which became a hit world-wide. Her David Tyler produced album Don't Ask was Australia's biggest selling album of 1995, and the biggest selling album by any Australian female. Don't Ask sold two million copies globally. She followed with the Australian triple platinum In Deep, produced by Foreigner's Mick Jones. 1999 saw Tina with a massive hit in France, and the break-up of her marriage and business relationship with manager Ralph Carr. ~ [Ed. Nimmervoll, All Music Guide]
For the Rembrandts see #726
For Alannah Myles see #369
Rolling Stone have no view on Tina ... MEANIES !!! (Boo, Hiss)
Official Website for Tina Arena @ This addy & for other Information/Biography click this link > Here ~ crowbarred [because power is knowledge]

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Which arena?) and the Album ranked at Number (Is Australia near that banana republic NZ?)
This song has a Definiive 1000 rating of 74.8 out of 108

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Blogger crowbarred said...

Hey Tez .... bet ya didnt know this song was ranked higher here in NZ than it was in Ozzyland!. I had to do some research to make sure she wasnt born in NZ as you steal all our good artists. But i concede she is 100% Ozzy prime beef. Mwha

4:03 pm  
Blogger Tez said...

Heya Boss Man, can I say, "I TOLD YOU SO" HaH, lol
You're wrong, I did know that about her...

9:39 pm  

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