Friday, October 13, 2006

Number 774 - Earth Wind & Fire

Number 774

Earth Wind & Fire

"I'll Write A Song"

Yes ...i know you are thinking, why did he choose this song out of all Earth Wind & Fire's songs? Well its all got to do with this song, its one of the finest songs written and sung to perfection. I doubt you will ever see American idol trying to pull this song off, especially live. Truthfully, i guess its here because it means something to me and it touched my ear. (Don't worry, there was no wax in it)

"Earth, Wind & Fire's artistic and commercial winning streak continued with its ninth album, All 'N All, the diverse jewel that spawned major hits like "Serpentine Fire" and the dreamy "Fantasy." Whether the visionary soul men are tearing into the hardest of funk on "Jupiter" or the most sentimental of ballads on "I'll Write a Song for You" (which boasts one of Philip Bailey's many soaring, five-star performances), All 'N All was a highly rewarding addition to EWF's catalog. Because EWF had such a clean-cut image and fared so well among pop audiences, some may have forgotten just how sweaty its funk could be. But "Jupiter" -- like "Mighty, Mighty," "Shining Star," and "Getaway" -- underscores the fact that EWF delivered some of the most intense and gutsy funk of the 1970s." ~ [Alex Henderson]
What Rolling Stone Mag think about Earth Wind & Fire....
"The songs of Earth, Wind and Fire combine pure urban fantasy with the type of facile brotherhood messages that also crop up in the music of Stevie Wonder and the O'Jays. But Earth, Wind and Fire wraps its sermons on universal love in fashionable mysticism. One has only to look as far as the cover of their current album to see the trappings: clean cut and dressed in white, the group stands, eyes closed, in positions of cosmic significance, while three white pyramids loom in the background."
Yes, well, um, obviously Rolling Stone is more infatuated with their album art than the music, hmmm.
For Stevie Wonder see Number 657
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (We have totally dismissed the disco genre) and the Album ranked at Number (Not interested, NEXT)
This song has a total crowbarred rating of 65.3 out of 108
(I couldn't find a "official" video for the song, sooooo lets enjoy somebody elses wedding! wtfn?)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful and ambitious ballad, but I have to disagree with the choice of this over something like "September," which is such a great merging of pop & funk and overall fun song. But that's just me.

11:34 am  

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