Saturday, December 09, 2006

Number 697 - Vertical Horizon

Number 697

Vertical Horizon

"Everything You Want"



Genre:Alt Rock
Highly subjective entry here to some people. Vertical Horizon you will find (eventually) in my Mellow Mix Volumes. Most people will say that this song doesn't deserve to be in The 1000 Songs of All Time, hell your probably right, but i find Vertical Horizon so professional in their work, that they deserve to be here.

The acoustic jam band Vertical Horizon was formed in 1991 by Georgetown University undergrads Matt Scannell and Keith Kane; after graduation the duo relocated to Boston, and in 1992 self-released their debut LP There and Back Again. Non-stop touring followed, and soon the group was opening for bands like the Allman Brothers, Better Than Ezra and the Samples; they also appeared on the Aware II compilation alongside the likes of Hootie and the Blowfish, the Verve Pipe and Edwin McCain. In 1995 Vertical Horizon issued their sophomore effort Running on Ice, which featured the Dave Matthews Band's Carter Beauford on drums; a year later bassist Sean Hurley and drummer Ed Toth were added to the lineup, and in early 1997 they issued Live Stages. Upon signing to RCA, in early 1999 Vertical Horizon reissued its three previous LPs; their proper major-label debut, Everything You Want, followed later that year. [Jason Ankeny]

What's the band's favorite song?
Everybody has their individual favorite. I'm really happy with the way "We Are" came out. Probably my favorite song, in a totally different way, is "Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)," because we had set aside one day in the studio where we would record a song that was to be determined at a later date. We just left it open. The night before I wrote that song. I came in, in the morning and said 'Hey guys, I think we should check this out as an option to record today.' Everybody started staring at me, like 'Let's get to it right now.' So that one is really great.
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Rolling Stone Mag had nothing to say about Vertical Horizon, which is always a good thing!
Crowbarreds choice for Website to find more on Vertical Horizon ... Click on the address
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Now if you could get Britney Spears singing a duet with them) and the Album ranked at Number (She could even wear knickers!)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 68.5 out of 108
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