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Number 528 - Presidents Of The USA

Number 528

Presidents of the USA


Genre:Alt Rock
art by LuigiL
Americans don't like foreigners messing (discussing) with anything about their politics. As far as they are concerned only Americans citizens can vote for an American president. Fair enough & reasonable.
But since it seems to affect us all worldwide, it is a shame we cant all vote. I'm sure then that Kerry would have won the last election and "Certified Loony Tune" George Bush would have been sent packing back to the hole he came from, PDQ. But imagine this, if the democratic countries of the world could vote, who would be sure to say that Ron Paul would be a shoo in? One would only hope commonsense would prevail, as i hope the Americans do next year as well.

What makes a good song? Well its really simple, you have to go no further than listen to whatever song the Beatles made early to mid 60's or even today with songs like "Hey Ya" by OutKast or "Catch my Disease" by Ben Lee. A catchy beat & something you can sing to. A cool million in the bank for something so easy. Except for us Godless talents with no musical skills. Yup me. Anyway, Presidents of USA in 95' came up with a 2.12 minute tub thumper called "Lump", also, their song called "Peaches" is pretty damn cool too.

The band was formed in late 1993 by Chris Ballew (basitar and lead vocals) and Dave Dederer (guitbass and backup vocals, who met while attending Bush School in Seattle. Initially a drummerless duo, Ballew and Dederer performed a half-dozen or so shows in 1993 as "The Lo-Fis"," "The Dynamic Duo," and "Pure Frosting." Ballew eventually came upon the name "The Presidents of the United States of America" while playing music high on marijuana with a few of his friends in a North Seattle basement. Of the names he made up on the spot that night, "The Presidents" got the biggest rise out of the eleven stoners who happened to be listening. Shortly after settling on their name, Ballew and Dederer added drummer Jason Finn; the band played their first show as a trio at Seattle's Romper Room in early December 1993. At the time, Finn was also the drummer in a "real" band, Love Battery, who had recently changed record labels from Sub Pop to Atlas Records, an A&M subsidiary.
The Presidents recorded a 10-song cassette, Froggystyle, in early 1994 in one day at Laundry Room Studios. The band sold the cassette at shows in 1994. Finn also sold the cassette from behind the bar of Seattle's legendary Comet Tavern, where he bartended. In 1994, the Presidents signed with the tiny Seattle label PopLlama Records and released their self-titled debut in the following year. Columbia Records signed the band shortly thereafter and re-released the album in late July, 1995. Driven by the singles "Lump," "Peaches," and "Kitty," their debut album proved to be a smash. Critics praised the Presidents' catchy, humorous, and self-deprecating songs, which were a major departure from the grunge/post-grunge sound. The album received Grammy nominations in 1996 and 1997.
In weird we trust
In 1996, "Weird Al" Yankovic, created a parody of the Presidents' "Lump", entitled "Gump". This song was released on Yankovic's album Bad Hair Day. A follow-up album, II, received similar praise, but did not match the explosive commercial success that the Presidents' debut album had. A worldwide tour to support the album followed, and the Presidents played venues in Europe, Australia, and Japan. They were so popular in Japan that Sony Records released a compilation of B-sides and demos entitled Rarities that was only available in Japan. The Presidents broke up in January 1998 as Ballew quit to spend more time with his young family and explore other musical terrain. Pure Frosting, a final album composed of new songs, covers, and demos, was released in 1998. The CD also contained videos for "Lump," "Peaches," "Mach 5," and "Dune Buggy." ~ [Source:Wikipedia]

What does Rolling Stone think about The Prez of USA?
Who knew? Could anyone have predicted that the Seattle indie band with the screwball songs and funny instruments (bassitar, guit-bass) would become the multiplatinum band that people love to hate? The Presidents of the United States of America did well during their first term of celebrity, going from fleeting one-hit novelty status ("Lump") to bona fide two-hit wonderdom ("Peaches"). Back with a sophomore effort titled with a nod to Chicago and Led Zeppelin, and issued, it just so happens, on Election Day '96, these Presidents have never met a joke that was too broad, too obvious or too goofy to be worth a laugh. ~ (RollingStone RS 748)
Politics anyone?
Despite their chosen name, The Presidents' music has remained largely apolitical, although the band did perform for President Bill Clinton at a 1994 Democratic Party fundraiser in Seattle. The band also supported John Kerry in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. In 1996, the band performed a live concert at Mount Rushmore on Presidents Day. They were introduced with: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Presidents of the United States."
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Artist Fact File
Name:Presidents of The USA........Related to³:The Gentlemen
Yrs Active:1993 to
Best Song¹:Lump ..................#1fan:none
Best Album²:Presidents of The USA.Grammy Awards:0
Albums Sold:6 Million +...........Next best thing:Everclear
¹Number of downloads WINMX ²Artistdirect choice ³Associated acts or collaborations
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Presidents? We don't vote!) and the Album ranked at Number (Bush however....) the band?
This song has a crowbarred rating of 74.3 out of 108 pts

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