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Number 984 - Blind Melon

Number 984

Blind Melon

"No Rain"

Genre:Alt Rock
Blind Melon makes very interesting reading indeed, click their name for a link to a very well written bio. (Shock! & Double Gasp!!)
Alternative rock music is my thing, but i never paid much attention to Blind Melon as they were not given "air time" down at this little part of the world in New Zealand. Nirvana was always given the royalty treatment on the radio in the early 90s (probably deservedly so).
"Reportedly, the name "Blind Melon" describes some hippies from Mississippi, as used (or coined) by Brad Smith's father. Also, "Blind Melon Chitlin" was the name of a fictional bluesman appearing in a routine on the self-titled Cheech and Chong LP, and a "Blind Lemon Pie" character appears in the 1978 movie mockumentary of the Beatles, "All You Need Is Cash". These may be derivative of the name of an actual bluesman, Blind Lemon Jefferson".
What does Rolling Stone think of Blind Melon?
Blind Melon's lone hit, the acoustic ditty "No Rain," gave off sweet hippie love vibes for the summer of 1993, with forlorn vocals and a moving video starring the Bee Girl, an awkward adolescent girl in a bee costume and glasses who roamed the grassy wastelands of youth in search of other hive folk to buzz and bumble with. When she finally found her apiary soulmates at the end of the video, "No Rain" was an instant tearjerker and an MTV classic. But not even the support of the insect community could get Blind Melon a second hit. Not so much hippies trying to pass for grunge as metalheads trying to pass for hippies, the Melon men didn't have their hearts in faking it. For their followup, Soup, they evidently just stitched some contorted practice-tape highlights together and hoped nobody would care. Nobody did. The lead singer, Shannon Hoon, died of drugs soon afterward; Nico collects posthumous scraps. Oh, Bee Girl, wherever you are: We remember. ~ [ROB SHEFFIELD - From 2004's The New Rolling Stone Album Guide]
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at (Nope they hated it) and the Album ranked at Number (Nope, doesn't even know its out yet)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 47.9 out of 108

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