Sunday, July 30, 2006

Number 980 - The Stooges

Number 980

The Stooges

"I Wanna Be Your Dog"


Ahh ...the legendary Iggy Pop, this pop icon is as durable as the Bowie icon. These guys never age! While my life has scurrying entered my 40s faster than a MACH 5 Jet, and yet Iggy has hardly aged and he still has abs!
Good grief, he was born in 1947 that makes him.. um .. Where's my abacus? 60 ! Someone better tell him.
If Neil Young is the Grandfather of Grunge then must be the Grandfathers of Punk.
"1969," "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "Real Cool Time," "No Fun," and other classic rippers are on board, and one listen reveals why they became clarion calls in the punk rock revolution. Part of the fun of is, then as now, the band managed the difficult feat of sounding ahead of their time and entirely out of their time, all at once. ~ [Mark Deming]
Nicely put Mr Mark Deming (I would never usually agree with a "expert", but I find Deming an exception)
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What does Rolling Stone think of the Stooges?
The Stooges, formerly the Psychedelic Stooges, hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where, in case you've never been told, they do things high-powered—high-powered music, high-powered doping, high-powered fucking, high-powered hyping. The Stooges used to share a house with another local band whom they greatly resemble—the MC-5. The picture on the cover of the album shows the Stooges to be four nice middleclass-kids-gone-wrong wearing brand-new synthetic leather jackets and pouting at the camera in a kind of snot-nosed defiance. They don't look at all that bright, although they may be college dropouts, and I'm sure that all the high school kids in the area dig the hell out of them. Three of them play guitar, bass, and drums, while picturesque Iggy sings in a blatantly poor imitation early Jagger style. The instrumentalists sound like they've been playing their axes for two months and playing together for one month at most, and they just love wah-wah and fuzz just like most rank amateur groups. The lyrics are sub-literate, as might be inferred by the titles: "No Fun," "Not Right," "Little Doll," and "Real Cool Time." This last is the monument of the Stooges' artistry: "Can-uh Ah come ovuh/To-gnat-uh?/We will have a real cool tam-uh/We will have a real cool tam-uh ..." Their music is loud, boring, tasteless, unimaginative and childish. ~ [Source:Rolling Sone 1969] ............... ouch!
For The Rolling Stones see Number 689 & Number 767
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song Number 282 and the Album ranked at Number 185
This song has a crowbarred rating of 48.6 out of 108

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