Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Number 825 - Gilbert O Sullivan

Number 825

Gilbert O Sullivan

"Alone Again (Naturally)

Sounds a little bit dated now but its quaint lryics and surreal sound still pleases some people to this day and whilst Britney Spears fans might "reach" for a bucket, as we who admire classic pop/rock songs would "reach" (and "re" belch) for a bucket listening to her drivel.
Gilbert O'Sullivan successfully combined a flair for Beatlesque popcraft with an old-fashioned musichall sensibility to emerge as one of the most distinctive and popular new performers of the early 1970s. "
"The wit and craft of O'Sullivan's music aside, much of his early success was predicated on his unusual image -- at the peak of the hippie movement, he resembled nothing so much as a Depression-era street urchin, complete with pudding-bowl haircut, short pants and flat cap. Subsequent hits including "We Will" and "No Matter How I Try" followed, and in 1971 O'Sullivan issued his debut LP, Himself; a year later, he finally broke through to the American market with the ballad "Alone Again (Naturally)," which topped the U.S. pop charts. Around this time, the singer jettisoned his so-called "Bisto Kid" image in favor of an endless series of collegiate-styled sweaters embossed with the letter "G." In late 1972, O'Sullivan scored his first British number one with "Clair," falling just shy of topping charts on the other side of the Atlantic."
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Hey! Miss Spears is musically amazing) and the album at number (Did we mention Justin Timberlake?)
(Wouldn't surprise me if Rolling Stone agreed with that. Would they?)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 62.7 out of 108
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