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Number 663 - Tea Party

Number 663

Tea Party

"Save Me"

Genre: Alt Rock
Ever heard of No? *Shaking Head* surely you have.
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Personally, i like, but this site has never been a hit there, you could say I'm more of a scud on the undies of But i peruse it every day to find leading stories, gossip, geek news and just the plain bizarre. Who knows, one day when this "1000 songs" is finished, maybe, just maybe, i might submit it, run and hide with Osama (or is that Obama ?) till the Hoo Ha is over and hopefully get unscathed till the fallout is safe :/ (Thank Grud i live in a country no-one has heard of!)

grew up in Windsor, Ontario, just across the Detroit River from the home of proto-punk and the Motown sound; he was also influenced by his blues-loving father. He formed the Tea Party with multi-instrumentalists (bass, keyboards, mandolin and harmonium) and (drums, percussion). himself plays guitars, sitar, hurdy gurdy and harpguitar. Consequently, the trio's sound marries rock with elements of Middle Eastern, Celtic and Mediterranean music. Their 1993 album, Splendor Solis, sold over one million copies in Canada; The Edges of Twilight followed, trailed in 1997 by Transmission.~ [John Bush]
the tea party - album reviews
Windsor's The Tea Party is either a totally retro music experience or, if you subscribe to the theory that everything that goes around comes around, leading edge. The power trio derives its inspiration from the late 60s and early 70s era of acid-tinged rock. Led Zeppelin is the most obvious forefather but, unlike the myriad of fellow acolytes, it's the acoustic, pseudo-mystical elements of Zep's work that most color this release. The Tea Room is more often a letdown on the heavy rocking material. Guitarist doesn't have Jimmy Page's electric chops no matter how much he would like to. Things work better for The Tea Party when it drops the second-hand Zep stance in favor of other influences from the period. If your local music emporium doesn't carry this independent release, write directly to Eternal Discs at P.O. Box 7436, Windsor, Ont., N9C 4T1. ~ [Roch Parisien]
For Led Zeppelin see Number 957 & Number 577
Tea Party [1990 to 2005] Post break up
In 2006 Burrows and Chatwood were still songwriting together as The Art Decay, while Chatwood continued to compose the Prince of Persia video game soundtracks for Ubisoft Montreal. Burrows joined Rush's Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, and other Canadian musicians as drummer in the one-off project the Big Dirty Band as well as presenting the midday shift on The Rock, a radio station in Windsor. Martin moved to Ireland and recorded his debut solo album Exile and the Kingdom, which was released in Canada and Australia in 2006. He has toured parts of Europe, Canada and Australia, and he released two live albums, Live in Brisbane 2006 and Live in Dublin, in November 2006 and May 2007, respectively. ~ [Source:Wikipedia]
Rolling Stone magazine have no view on The Tea Party (gosh) no really
Crowbarreds choice for Website to find more on Tea Party ... Click on the address
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at (Look, Rhino Bucket was one thing...) and the album ranked at (But a Led Zep clone like Dread Zeppelin as well?)
{ Thats just nasty ~ Crowbarred }
This song has a crowbarred rating of 69.9 out of 108
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