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Number 763 - Adam & The Ants

Number 763

Adam & The Ants


Genre:Alt Pop
No, not everyone wore toilet paper in their hair and stuck bandaids across our faces. Like i only did it for a month. Honest.
Which is not as bad as wearing dresses like Boy George or tight bicycle shorts like Guns n' Roses or even mascara like Dead or Alive.
You get the picture

"One of the seminal figures of new wave, Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard) had several distinct phases to his career. Initially, he explored a jagged, guitar-oriented post-punk with his group Adam & the Ants before giving way to a more pop-oriented, glam-tinged musical direction that brought him to the top of the charts. After that had run its course, he refashioned himself as a mainstream singer, which enabled him to stretch his career out for a couple of years. Once it seemed like his musical career had evaporated, he made an unexpected comeback in the early '90s as an adult alternative artist. During all this time, he recorded several great pop singles and had a surprisingly large impact on alternative rock. "
"Driven by a relentless driving beat and chanting melodies, the new band's first album, 1980's Kings of the Wild Frontier, became an enormous hit in the U.K., launching three Top Ten hit singles, including the number two "Ant Music." The band's success was helped by a series of visually enticing videos, prominently featuring the skinny, handsome Adam Ant decked out in pirate gear. Prince Charming, released the following year, retained the same formula as Kings of the Wild Frontier, spawning two number one singles, "Stand and Deliver" and "Prince Charming." Even though the album was a commercial success, the formula was beginning to wear thin" ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
What does Rolling Stone Magazine think about Adam & The Ants?.....
"Adam Ant was committed to a psychiatric hospital on Monday in the wake of his January 12Th arrest in London on charges of firearm possession and assault. Ant, a.k.a. Stuart Leslie Goddard, may be held for observation for up to twenty-eight days under the U.K.'s Mental Health Act, which would postpone a court appearance that was initially set for this Friday until it is decided whether or not he is fit to stand trial. "
Yea...but what about their music?
"Ant was arrested at the Prince of Wales pub in north London, but claims that he was carrying a replica, rather than a real gun. According to the singer's official Web site, Ant's family asked that he be admitted to a hospital for care, as he has previously admitted to being manic depressive. "Adam is not suicidal, however, family and friends are concerned that Adam is not receiving the care that he requires and they do not wish to see him become a potential threat to himself," reads a statement. According to an interview with The Mirror Ant also admitted to falling off the wagon on his forty-seventh birthday last November, after twenty-three years without drinking."
Yea..but what about their music?
Ant had planned to kick off an eight-city U.K. Tour on April 18Th. There is no word yet as to whether the itinerary has been altered. Which is good news because their music is crap!
What the .... !
Its ok, they really didn't say the last part.
Now to enjoy the vid from a blast in the past. This is still a ripsnorter of a song!
For Guns n Roses see Number 795
For Dead or Alive see Number 762
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Did you say Adam & The Beatles?) and the Album ranked at Number ( We must check out the EMI back catalogue )
This song has a crowbarred rating of 65.4 out of 108
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