Sunday, July 30, 2006

Number 981 - Megadeth

Number 981


"Symphony Of Destruction"

Genre:Hard Rock
They say [but the critics don't] it is Megadeths best song and they are probably right.
Most pop listeners stay well clear of groups like this for the fear of Satan entering them anally.


Music, for all its worth covers many genres. All important as each other as Thrash Metal is to Hip Hop. Without the likes of Metallica, Korn, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Danzig et al. The world of music would be a boring place without the darker and heavier side to music. Hard rock is just the offspring of Progressive Rock from the 70s.
When Megadeth released the album "Countdown to Extinction" in 1992, they got lambasted by their fans for selling out to "mainstream audiences" here is an example from an "expert" about this very event....
"Megadeth guns for arena thrash success and gets it on Countdown to Extinction. Following the lead of 1991's Metallica, Megadeth trades in their lengthy, progressive compositions for streamlined, tightly written and played songs more conducive to radio and MTV airplay. Cries of "sellout" seem pointless when the results are artistically (as well as commercially) successful; songs like the mega-hit "Symphony of Destruction," "Skin O' My Teeth," "Foreclosure of a Dream," and "Sweating Bullets" are among the band's best". ~ [Steve Huey]
Is it not the very idea when your in this industry to make money and appeal to a larger audience?Rather than to a small fanbase? I think so to...and good on them.
And yes the song by Megadeth is an artistic ripsnorter to boot!
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What does Rolling Stone think of Megadeth?
Megadeth, which used to be notorious for its frequent upheavals, seems to be settling down. Not only has its outspoken leader, guitarist and singer, Dave Mustaine, gotten married and become a father since the release of Rust in Peace in 1990, but the band's fifth full-length album, Countdown to Extinction, is the second consecutive LP to be recorded by its present lineup. And for the first time, all four members have collaborated on the writing, which takes up such issues as endangered species ("Countdown to Extinction"), the spoils of war ("Symphony of Destruction"), the American dream ("Foreclosure of a Dream"), the plights of prison inmates and other social misfits ("Captive Honour," "Skin o' My Teeth," "Sweating Bullets") and the group's new high – sky diving ("High Speed Dirt").
Put simply, Countdown just does not measure up. Even though it was never as technically advanced as Slayer, Megadeth, from its inception, was in the vanguard of metal bands. What attracted its fans were the passion, energy and variety of its music. All of these qualities have been watered down on Countdown to Extinction. This smoother, mellower sound may attract a wider audience, but original fans should quite rightly feel let down.~ [Source:Rolling Stone]
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at (Nope they hated it) and the Album ranked at Number (Nope, doesn't even know its out yet)
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