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Number 923 - David Gilmour

Number 923

David Gilmour



................Genre: Rock...............

Imagine Pink Floyd doing a "Unplugged MTV Special"? Well this is the closest your gonna get so enjoy it.

"David Gilmour released his second solo venture in 1984, following the apparent dissolution of Pink Floyd. He had released a record on his own in 1978, but About Face is much more accessible. Gilmour has a stellar band backing him, including Jeff Porcaro (drums), Pino Palladino (bass), and Anne Dudley (synthesizer). The songs on About Face show a pop sensibility that Pink Floyd rarely was concerned with achieving. Although the album didn't attract the attention of a Floyd release, several cuts did manage to get airplay. "Until We Sleep" is rife with shimmering synthesizers and cavernous drums, and "Blue Light" was a minor pop hit, with Gilmour's trademark delay-drenched guitar giving way to a driving, horn-laced rocker. Pete Townshend wrote two of the tracks: "Love on the Air" and the propulsive "All Lovers Are Deranged." Of course, there's more than enough of Gilmour's fluid guitar playing to satisfy, including the gorgeous "Murder," a gentle acoustic track that explodes with some fiery organ by Steve Winwood and concludes with a fierce coda. About Face is well-honed rock album that is riveting from beginning to end". ~ Tom Demalon

I am the lucky owner of a " DVD" Whoopee you say, but Whoopee it is. I listened to Gilmour closely, and it is no wonder he is one of the "Great 20th Century Guitarists of all time", he is the sound of Pink Floyd. One day you will play a Pink Floyd song to your Grandchildren and you will be proud of the fact that they were a part of your generation.

For Steve Winwood see Number 622
For Pink Floyd see Number 497 & MM vol 1 #138

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Nope, They hated it) and the Album ranked at Number (Nope, didn't know it was out yet)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 55.2 out of 108
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