Friday, September 22, 2006

Number 810 - Rick James

Number 810

Rick James


One of the most recognisable tunes in music history, its been used countless times in movie soundtracks and TV shows.
How many of you have heard this on the radio while driving and finding yourself yelling "Superfreak" to bewildered passer bys out the window?
Oh, only you Mr Timberlake. I see, Hmmm.. Moving along.
Feb 1, 1948 – Aug 6, 2004
"Disappointed because Garden of Love wasn't as well received as it should have been,
Rick James made a triumphant return to defiant, in-your-face funk with the triple-platinum Street Songs. This was not only his best-selling album ever, it was also his best period, and certainly the most exciting album released in 1981. The gloves came all the way off this time, and James is as loud and proud as ever on such arresting hits as "Super Freak," "Give It to Me Baby," and "Ghetto Life." Ballads aren't a high priority, but those he does offer (including his stunning duet with Teena Marie, "Fire and Desire") are first-rate. One song that's questionable (to say the least) is the inflammatory "Mr. Policeman," a commentary on police misconduct that condemns law enforcement in general instead of simply indicting those who abuse their authority. But then, the thing that makes this hot-headed diatribe extreme is what makes the album on the whole so arresting -- honest, gut-level emotion. James simply follows what's in his gut and lets it rip. Even the world's most casual funksters shouldn't be without this pearl of an album"
"In 1990, MC Hammer scored a massive hit with "U Can't Touch This," which consisted of his rap over the instrumental track of "Super Freak." That should have made for a career rebirth, but James was plagued by drug and legal problems that found him more frequently in court and in jail rather than in the recording studio. The majority of his legal woes behind him, James returned in 1997 with Urban Rapsody, which didn't yield any hits but was well accepted by critics. Rick James died of a heart attack on August 6, 2004, at his Los Angeles home"
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Yea Right) and the Album ranked at Number (Nope, but boy did he make a good career move)
This song has a total rating of 63.5 out of 108
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