Saturday, October 14, 2006

Number 769 - Coldplay

Number 769



Genre:Alt Pop
Coldplay changed things in the world musically at the turn of the century with their thought provoking quaint lyrics/tunes/videos (ironically "provoking" in the English dictionary means to cause an annoyance). Their album "Parachutes" was a breath of fresh for me, a much needed break from Rock, Alt Rock and Hip Hop, it was indeed a nice escape for a while and it certainly was evident where music would be heading for the next 5 years.
"The London foursome Coldplay are constant critic's darlings in the band's native U.K., showcasing melodic pop in a slew of EP releases and constant live shows since the spark of the new millennium. Not as heavy as Radiohead or snobbish as Oasis, Coldplay is a band of young musicians who are still honing their sweet harmonies on the debut release Parachutes. Combining bits of distorted guitar riffs and swishing percussion, Parachutes is a delightful introduction and also quickly indicates the reason why this album earned Coldplay a Mercury Music Prize nomination in fall 2000. Frontman Chris Martin's lyrical wordplay is feministic in the manner of Geneva's Andrew Montgomery, but far more withered. The imagery captured on Parachutes is exquisitely dark and artistically abrasive, and the entire composition is tractable thanks to gauzy acoustics and airy percussion. Coldplay's indie rock inclinations are also obvious, especially on songs such as "Don't Panic" and "Shiver," but it's the dream pop soundscapes captured on "High Speed" and "We Never Change" that illustrate the band's dynamic passion. This basic pop is surely a refreshing effort in the face of big productions like the Spice Girls and Westlife. Parachutes deserves the accolades it has received because it follows the general rule when introducing decent pop songs: keep the emotion genuine and real. And Coldplay has done that without hesitation." ~ [MacKenzie Wilson]
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What does Rolling Stone Magazine think about Coldplay?
Hear what the singer and guitarist Jonny Buckland had to say on a recent visit to Rolling Stone's office.....
While Coldplay now has to deal with their reputation as "biggest band in the world" -- their latest release, X&Y, has already sold more than three million copies -- Martin admitted that he still can't get over their success.
"We feel very much humbled by the fact that we can even play [in America], and we're happier that we got bigger and bigger," he said. "But we still feel like one of those fish that swim beside a whale and just get flicked off." A serious Michael Jackson fan, the singer added, "We haven't done anything better than 'Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough.'"
For Michael Jackson see Number 621
Huh? What? (Where's Jon Stewart when you need him?) We haven't done anything better say, than compared, to a Michael Jackson song?
Have Coldplay been tortured at the RS office?? Isn't there a Geneva convention law about that? Is Coldplay begging acceptance to stay in the USA? Are they pleading asylum?? Do we need MI5 to save them? Agent 006? (I'm on the case)
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Nothing, run Coldplay RUN!!) and the Album ranked at Number (Oh no... Pwned)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 65.4 out of 108
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