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Number 567 - Heart

Number 567



Hey you lot!
Can you believe him? Lets all bow down to the almighty Mr. Crowbarred!! Heh.

Not me, I bow to no man, but, by all means you all can if that is your secret desire, just beware his feet are rank.
Let me introduce myself, I am commonly known (and yes on occasion called common) as Terri or Tez, I prefer Tez.
I have an extreme passion for the music arts, yes music is an art. As time goes on you'll either grow to like me or hate me. I don't care either way; my life revolves around music and work. A few weeks back Mr. Crowbarred gave this huge arse spiel about work and who invented it. As I sat there reading that, that day I was thinking, "Yeah who did, they need a good arse kicking".
Have you ever have songs that make you feel a particular way? This one does that to me. It puts me in a "I don't give a chit" frame of mind. Not sure what it is about this song, maybe it's the memory of an idiot that use to drive me to insanity and back within a 10 minute period?
Maybe it was the time frame that it was produced, being I was a teen and hated life?
Maybe it's her voice? Hell knows and who really cares to be honest? Anyways onward and upward!! Looking forward to hearing from you all. Love Tez. (picture by charmedy)
After acquiring a substantial following with Dreamboat Annie, Heart solidified its niche in the hard rock and arena rock worlds with the equally impressive Little Queen. Once again, loud-and-proud, Led Zeppelin-influenced hard rock was the thing that brought Heart the most attention. But while "Barracuda" and "Kick It Out" are the type of sweaty rockers one thought of first when Heart's name was mentioned, hard rock by no means dominates this album. In fact, much of Little Queen consists of such folk-influenced, acoustic-oriented fare as "Treat Me Well" and "Cry to Me." Anyone doubting just how much Heart's ballads have changed over the years need only play "Dream of the Archer" next to a high-volume power ballad like "Waiting for an Answer" from 1990's Brigade. ~ [Alex Henderson, All Music Guide]
"Barracuda" Facts!
1. "Barracuda" is featured in the 2000 movie Charlie's Angels.
2: "Barracuda" can be heard playing on Silvio Dante's car radio in the 2004 episode "Long Term Parking" on the HBO series The Sopranos.
3: "Barracuda" is sung by the members of the Reno Sheriff's Police Department in the Comedy Central show Reno 911.
4: "Barracuda" is featured in the 2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game on the K-DST radio station.
5: A cover of "Barracuda" is featured on Rasputina's 2005 live album "A Radical Recital". 6:" Barracuda" is played at the bar on the alien spaceship in the 2006 video game Prey.
7:" Barracuda" is featured in the 2007 film Shrek the Third. 8: A cover of "Barracuda" is on the tracklist of the yet-to-be-released video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. [Source~Wikipedia]
For Led Zeppelin see Number 957 & Number 577
For more Heart see Number 909
What does Rolling Stone think of Heart?
Heart's follow-up to their phenomenally successful debut LP continues their curious marriage of bursting-at-the-seams hard rock and reflective, soft acoustic music. Understanding their meteoric rise is not that difficult—lead singer Ann Wilson, with her urgent, often explosive vocals, is the closest rock has to a female counterpart of Zeppelin's Robert Plant (and anyway, Lord knows, we need many more women in rock & roll). Led Zeppelin influences abound, from Wilson's "Summer-of-My-Smiles" phrasing on "Dream of the Archer" down to guitarist Roger Fisher's Page-ish intro on "Go On Cry" and his ferocious riffing on "Barracuda" and the title track. The latter are the roughest and best tracks on the record.
Heart's acoustic work is simply no match for their hard stuff; "Archer," with its mesmerizing double-tracked mandolins, is the only nonrocker that works. The rest function as little more than diversions. The group also suffers from a lack of material; "Go On Cry" is simply some fancy guitar work fortified by a few wails from Wilson, yet it is the longest track on the record.
Dreamboat Annie proved that, in lean times, a few good songs can go a long way commercially, but three songs still don't qualify an LP as a good one. While there's little doubt that Little Queen will do well financially, Heart needs to realize the potential of its obvious talents if it seeks to gain a lasting audience. (RS 242)
For Robert Plant see Number 845
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Ha! A new comer eh Miz Tez?) the Album ranked at Number (We will soon have you packing like crowbarred Ha!)
This song has a TEZ rating of 73.3 out of 108
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Blogger crowbarred said...

Woohooo, ahh this is so great, sitting here in my Lilo in Fiji, while someone else is WRITING. I love it! Good work Tez! Oh and get ready for the fanmail *evil lafter* now where my pina colada? Hey... wasnt that a song?

10:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FIJI ????
You biatch, you told me you were sick..laffin..
pffffffffft MEN !!!
I'll await the fan mail, doubtful it'll arrive though Mr. C
Thanks buddy I owe you big time !!
Yes pina colada was song, by rupert holmes

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