Friday, August 11, 2006

Number 911 - Herb Alpert

Number 911

Herb Alpert


................Genre: Jazz...............

What a career, since 1962 he has been blowing his own trumpet, and to success too.

"One of the most successful instrumental performers in pop history, trumpeter Herb Alpert was also one of the entertainment industry's shrewdest businessmen: A&M, the label he co-founded with partner Jerry Moss, ranks among the most prosperous artist-owned companies ever established. Born March 31, 1935, in Los Angeles, Alpert began playing the trumpet at the age of eight. After serving in the Army, he attempted to forge an acting career, but soon returned to music, recording under the name Dore Alpert for RCA."
"In 1979, Alpert staged a major comeback with Rise; not only did the album reach the Top Ten, but the title track topped the singles charts and became the biggest hit of his career. The follow-up, 1980's Beyond, was a Top 40 success, but subsequent efforts like 1982's Fandango and 1985's Wild Romance fared poorly. In 1987 Alpert enjoyed another renaissance with the album Keep Your Eye On Me; the lead single "Diamonds" hit the Top Five and featured a guest vocal from Janet Jackson, one of A&M's towering successes of the late '80s"

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Tsk on you R.S) and the Album ranked at Number (what style does he sing?)

This song has a crowbarred rating of 56.4 out of 108
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