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Number 616 - Dave Edmunds

Number 616

Dave Edmunds

"I Hear You Knocking"

If you need a laff (don't we all?) Rolling Stone have released their ... wait for it "Rolling Stone’s 15 Worst Albums By Great Bands" . Gasp! At first guess you would pick anything by Paul McCartney? (uh oh ~ did he just say that) Bay City Rollers? (Hang on .. it said great) Creed? Red Hot Chilli Peppers? I dunno but it seems like a lot of controversy doesn't it? The only thing saving Rolling Stone this time is that it was voted by the people & not the cronies!

Anyway here is the list Rock Heads......1. Bob Dylan "Down In The Groove" 2. Rolling Stones "Dirty Work" 3. David Bowie "Tonight" 4. Van Morrison "Beautiful Vision" 5. The Clash "Cut The Crap" (yay) 6. Neil Young "Old Ways" (Noooooo) 7. Van Halen "Diver Down" 8. "Faces Danger" 9. Elvis Costello "Mighty Like A Rose" 10. "One Hot Minute" 11. Crosby, Still, Nash & Young "American Dream" 12. "Rock & A Hard Place 13. Lou Reed "Mistrial" 14. "Kill Uncle" (catchy) 15. Led Zeppelin "Presence"

*(Blue means already charted in "the Def 1000 Songs" & Orange means to be charted .. or maybe never)

Well there you go, much for you to digest and discuss, however what is interesting and if you have the time, see what Rolling Stone actually gave those 15 releases as ratings, now that is a laff. All comments can be left at this link *Moan Here* or if you agree - click this link *Told Ya They Sucked* . Now back to business, Dave Edmunds, oh and yes, he was not in the list.

Roots-rockers are seldom as purist as Dave Edmunds. Throughout his career, he stayed true to '50s and '60s rock & roll -- for Edmunds, rock & roll history stopped somewhere in 1963, after the Beach Boys' first singles but before the Beatles' hits. After establishing himself as a hotshot lead guitarist in the blues-rockers Love Sculpture, he launched his solo career by painstakingly re-creating oldies in his own studio, usually recording every track by himself. Through all of his efforts, he learned how to uncannily replicate the sound of Sun, Chess, and Phil Spector records, which not only helped him garner several U.K. hits in the early '70s, but also led to successful production work with artists like the Flamin' Groovies and Brinsley Schwarz. In the late '70s, he hit the peak of his career when he teamed up with former Schwarz bassist Nick Lowe to form Rockpile. For several years, Edmunds recorded albums with Rockpile and toured relentlessly with the band, which resulted in a string of hit U.K. singles. After the group imploded in the early '80s, he slowly disappeared from the mainstream, even as he made his most commercial music with producer Jeff Lynne; Edmunds eventually retreated to cult status in the '90s. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Rolling Stone had no view on this song (no?)

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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Ah, Crowbarred your just making fun of us again )and the Album ranked at Number (You know we have friends not far from you)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 71.6 out of 108

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