Friday, September 08, 2006

Number 834 - Headless Chickens

Number 834

Headless Chickens

"Cruise Control"

Genre:Alt Pop
"The Headless Chickens were formed in 1985, and were originally known as the International Headless Chickens, as a special project to perform at the multi-media event 'The Nitpickers Picnic'. Their first release was a track on the 1986 student radio compilation album 'Outnumbered By Sheep'.In 1987 The Headless Chickens won the Rheineck Rock Award. In the 1995 NZ Music Awards they were voted 'Top International Performer' and vocalist for some of their songs, Fiona McDonald won the 'Top Female Vocalist' category.'Cruise Control' reached #8 in the New Zealand singles chart. It was a trailer for 'Body Blow', the momentous album that followed.'Body Blow' sold to platinum, 'George' hit #1 and the Eskimos and Egypt remix of 'Cruise Control' reached #17 in Australia, where the Chickens have toured ten times.The group's most famous lineup - vocalist Fiona MacDonald, Chris, Grant, Michael and Bevan also toured the UK on the back of a club-hit remix of Fiona's song 'Juice', but there were quite a few other Chickens over the years.Among them, Rupert E. Taylor and Anthony Nevison left behind distinctive contributions - Stunt Clown's winsome 'Fish Song' and Body Blow's ribald 'Donde Esta La Pollo' respectively. Producer Rex Visible and engineer Angus McNaughton, both occasional members, and reliable tour buddies MC OJ & Slave, Stinky Jim and DJ Roger Perry also deserve special mention.The group's last major incarnation coalesced around the third album, 'Greedy': Chris, Angus, Bevan Larsen, Flex, Rachel Wallace and a chap called Roger.There were always a lot of people around, and the band was always a collaboration, in the way that making film is a collaboration. 'Body Blow' could have been half a dozen bands at once; any one song could be both sweet and sour. They looked like a rock band but Grant ran dance parties and they toured with house DJÂ’s and hip hop acts."
Hope the video i made is enjoyable. Seems Australia has lost a couple of Icons recently. We here in New Zealand will miss the likes of Steve Irwin and Peter Brock, both were immensely popular and respected here and will be sadly missed, and yes, even by me.
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Cant even bother giving Rolling Stone shit) and the Album ranked at Number (...)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 62.3 out of 108
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