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Number 960 - Paul Carrack

Number 960

Paul Carrack

"Don't Shed A Tear"



You may have never heard of this artist, except maybe for the tune of the song you probably heard way back in '87.
But Paul Carrack has a very long list of credits to his name that you don't know about.............

Lead singer for a band called "" in the early 70s (UK Top 20 Hit Song)
  1. A member of "Roxy Music"

  2. A member of the UK band "Squeeze" (Replacing Jools Holland)

  3. Worked with "Nick Lowe" (see i knew i remembered that name from somewhere)

  4. Had a 1982 US Top 40 hit under his own name

  5. A tenure as a sideman with "Eric Clapton"

  6. Member of "" (Mike Oldfield being a member of Genesis)

  7. Re-joined "UK Squeeze"

  8. Then again re-joined Mechanics (Getting tired yet?)

  9. Released a solo album in 2003 called (wait for it) "It Aint Over"
Even the "experts" feel Paul Carrack deserves better respect than what he currently gets, here's an example...."He's written brilliant songs -- "Tempted," "How Long" -- and issued brilliant solo records -- Suburban Voodoo -- but is still regarded as a journeyman, rather than as a star in his own right. That's just wrong. As a singer, Carrack is one of the most disciplined around, and still he manages to get across the deeper, subtler emotions in a song. If there some kind of "Pop Justice," Carrack's It Ain't Over would be on every adult contemporary station in the States. But alas, Clear Channel's not exactly known for its vision, and other programmers seemingly have no place on their playlists for smart, sophisticated, sassy, classy pop music"
Ironically, Paul Carrack has had more hits (albeit his name unknown) than many of his contemporaries put together.

For Nick Lowe see Number 998
For Genesis see Number 684
For Eric Clapton see Number 537
For Roxy Music see Number 569

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (what band was he with?) and the Album ranked at Number (probably many)
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