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Number 503 - Seal

Number 503



Genre: Contemporary R&B
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the real seal
London singer/songwriter Seal certainly made a name for himself with his eponymous debut despite the comparison to fellow London mate, the raspy soul Terence Trent D'Arby. But Seal is more relaxed, and his craftsmanship is delicate and well defined. Lyrical depictions are light, songwriting is personal, and production credits are most impressive. With star-studded work from both Trevor Horn (Tina Turner, the Art of Noise, Rod Stewart) and Trevor Rabin (Yes, John Miles), Seal is surely a critical hit. Becoming a mainstream radio mainstay for the summer of 1991, the single "Crazy" carried heavy notoriety for Seal and instantly made him a household name. His collaborative effort with Adamski for "Killer" was a massive club hit thanks to its Hi-NRG strength, but house elements are showcased other album tracks such as "The Beginning."
Mosaic seal
Seal is not necessarily a dance innovator, but he makes for a select crossover artist with impeccable talent worthy of heavy acclamation and critical recognition. The general mood captured on his debut album is refreshing for the early-'90s mediocrity of post-hair metal and manufactured synth bands. His music was a major force throughout the decade and well into the new millennium. With Trevor Horn at his side, it's undeniable. Together they go for exactly what Seal is looking for: the beauty, desire, and simplicity in creating a new sound. Seal is the face and Horn is the face behind it all. ~ [MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide]
For Tina Turner see Number 756
For Art of Noise see Number 740
Rolling Stone said .....
(Greatest Hits) Star producer Trevor Horn's ornate arrangements and sonic sweets have always been a big part of Seal's musical identity. On the "Acoustic" disc of this two-CD greatest-hits package, singer and producer deliver re-sung Seal hits and favorite album tracks with tune-flattering folky accompaniment. Any move that accentuates the English pop-soul singer's mawkish lyrics sounds like a bad idea, but Horn's new, simpler settings reinvigorate the dramatic crooner. Hammering out the acid-house synth hook of "Killer" on a marimba works way better than it should, and the hand claps of "Get It Together" reframe the lyrics in a perfect Sixties-style gospel groove. Seal's dippy poetry now suits the acoustic guitars' hippie vibe, and even overplayed corn such as "Kiss From a Rose" sounds groovy again. ~ [BARRY WALTERS RS 2005]

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (we wanted to) and the Album ranked at Number (just winding you up, we didnt give a shit)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 75.1 out of 108

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site! Finally a little respect for a great artist. have not seen Crazy on many best lists. Thanks
Buy the way, this man could have been in the top echelon if he wasnt so commercial. You need to listen to his album "Human Beings" (very dark), did poorly in sales, is an unreal album.

12:52 am  

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