Saturday, August 12, 2006

Number 902 - Chic

Number 902


"Le Freak"




AH FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops sorry was, um singing. Hey it was catchy when i was a kid, i guess it might be slightly catchy now. Ain't admitting squat. Good time for an expert to comment.... *Kaff*

"Released in 1978, just as disco began to peak, C'est Chic and its pair of dancefloor anthems, "Le Freak" and "I Want Your Love," put Chic at the top of that dizzying peak. The right album at the right time, C'est Chic is essentially a rehash of Chic, the group's so-so self-titled debut from a year earlier. That first album also boasted a pair of floor-filling anthems, "Dance Dance Dance" and "Everybody Dance," and, like C'est Chic, it filled itself out with a mix of disco and ballads. So, essentially, C'est Chic does everything its predecessor did, except it does so masterfully: each side similarly gets its timeless floor-filler ("Le Freak," "I Want Your Love"), quiet storm come-down ("Savoir Faire," "At Last I Am Free"), feel-good album track ("Happy Man," "Sometimes You Win"), and moody album capper ("Chic Cheer," "[Funny] Bone")"

Crazy crazy crazy "im a brother from another mother" times. *dances to insanity*

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Even i am cutting R.S some slack here) and the Album ranked at Number (erm)

This song has a crowbarred rating of 57.3 out of 108
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