Saturday, September 23, 2006

Number 801 - Joe Dolce

Number 801

Joe Dolce

"Shaddap You Face"

Genre: Comedy/Folk
Joe Dolce "wrote, produced and performed, 'SHADDAP YOU FACE,' Number One Hit in 15 countries, which has held the title for the most successful single in Australian music history for over 25 years, (breaking Slim Dusty's legendary 22 year record for 'The Pub With No Beer!) Over 35 international cover versions in 12 languages including an aboriginal dialect and Papua New Guinean 'pidgin'.
More recently; The National Folk Festival in Canberra, Australia, featured 'The Inspired Shaddap You Face Concert' in April 2006, where other invited national and international festival artists competed against each other with their original interpretations, as part of the song's 25th Anniversary. The Event was recorded as a Film Festival documentary.
Joe Dolce is the writer of 'MY HOME AIN'T IN THE HALL OF FAME' - recorded by many major US country and bluegrass artists including Robert Earl Keen Jr, Jonathan Edwards, JD Cowe and The New South, (Featuring Keith Whitely), The Tumbleweeds, and Rosalie Sorrels.
With global recognition and a unique songwriting perspective, Joe was Winner of the '2004 Australian Gospel Songwriting Award for Best Folk Gospel with his Song 'HILL OF DEATH.' (Selected for 'The Best of Australian Gospel Music' CD, with featured tracks by Jimmie Little, Gavin Chatelier, The Boardman Sisters, Carter + Carter, and others. 2005.)"
What a fascinating career this man has had indeed.
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (15 countries? Surely we would have heard about it?) and the Album ranked at Number (We at Rolling Stone don't endorse political trouble makers) What was Bob Dylan then Mr R Stone?

This song has a crowbarred rating of 64 out of 108 pts
This send up is quite amusing, i thought i should include it. Enjoy
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