Saturday, October 14, 2006

Number 772 - Great White

Number 772

Great White

"Call It Rock & Roll"

Genre:Hard Rock
If bands could have babies then Great White would be the of child of parents, Led Zeppelin & AC/DC! (At least we gonna know the baby will be loud and stay up all night)
"While one infamous nightclub show eclipses their previous achievements, the hard rock/heavy metal band Great White would much rather you remember their Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance, the over six million records they sold, and their double platinum album ...Twice Shy"
Formed in the early '80s by vocalist Jack Russell and guitarist Mark Kendall, Great White were regulars of the L.A. club scene, playing their Led Zeppelin- and AC/DC-influenced metal to a quickly growing fan base. Local radio play and more gigging helped sell 20,000 copies of their independent releases, the Out of the Night EP and the full-length Shot in the Dark, both released in 1983"

"The EMI label took notice, signed the band, and released its self-titled, major-label debut a year later. Shot in the Dark would be reissued by the label in 1987, the same year as the new album Once Bitten... appeared with the hit single "Rock Me." The album went platinum, but 1989's ...Twice Shy took things even further thanks in no small part to the massive success of the single "Once Bitten Twice Shy," a cover of a Mott the Hoople song written by Mott member Ian Hunter." "Long tours with Ratt and a co-headlined tour with Tesla kept the band out of the studio until 1991 when the polished Hooked appeared with two different album covers, one a provocative side shot of a mermaid hanging off an anchor in mid-air and one less scandalous with the mermaid still submerged. Hooked went gold while their 1992 follow-up, Psycho City, sold less, leading to EMI saying goodbye to the band with the 1993 compilation The Best of Great White." ~ [David Jeffries]

For Led Zeppelin see Number 957 & Number 577

What Rolling Stone Mag think about Great White....
"Dan Biechele, the former tour manager of Eighties heavy metal band Great White, was sentenced Wednesday to four years in prison and three years probation for setting a fire in a Rhode Island nightclub in February 2003, a blaze that killed 100 fans and injured twice that number. "
Er, I guess Great White have been struck off Rolling Stone Mag xmas card list

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Due to unforeseen circumstances..) and the Album ranked at Number (Struck Off!)
This song has a total crowbarred rating of 65.3 out of 108
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