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Number 550 - Little River Band

Number 550

Little River Band

"Happy Anniversary"

Genre:Soft Rock
art by newmuscle
Little River Band, to me, seem to be one of Musics underrated groups, never really achieving what they truly deserved. Some people would compare them to a poor mans Eagles. Trust me, they are more than that.
However, if you had to compare L.R.B with the Eagles then the similarities would have to be the harmonising both bands had, not to mention the eeriness of the lead singers Glenn Shorrock & Glenn Frey's vocals. LRB are not just only "the first group from Australia to find success" in America but also have to be one of Australia's definitive groups, ever.

Little River Band
When Little River Band formed in 1975, Australia immediately took notice. The key band members were already well-known to Australians. Lead singer Glenn Shorrock had made his name in mid-'60s group the Twilights, a Beatles-sounding pop group who scored a national number one record with their version of the Velvelettes' "Needle in a Haystack." When that group broke up in 1969 Shorrock became lead singer of Axiom, whose "A Little Ray of Sunshine" is still an Australian classic rock staple. LRB's Beeb Birtles had been the bass player for a popular Twilights-era pop group called Zoot (Rick Springfield was a latter member). When that group broke up, in search of musical credibility, Birtles auditioned as the bass player, but was instantly elevated to a front-line position alongside Graham Goble. Even LRB's manager was well-known. Glenn Wheatley had been the bassist with another of Australia's bands, and possibly its most legendary, the Masters Apprentices. Given all that background, when Shorrock and Birtles revealed they were forming a group with Goble, managed by Wheatley, it was major event in Australian music.

To date LRB's success in Australia had been modestly in keeping with the band's place in Australian music history; respected but not totally embraced. The single from the new album, Glenn Shorrock's "Help Is on Its Way," changed that. Another important hit in America, in Australia it went all the way to number one. The album sold gold in America, the first time an Australian act had achieved such a feat. It was followed by Sleeper Catcher, again produced by Boylan, the first album recorded in Australia to sell over a million copies in the U.S. This time LRB's greater success was in America, with the single "Reminiscing" becoming a number three hit. This was the song John Lennon confessed he made love to during his "long weekend" separation from Yoko Ono. ~ [Ed Nimmervoll, All Music Guide]

LRB today?
Little River Band are considered to be among Australia's most significant bands. The "classic lineup" of the band (Birtles, Shorrock, Goble, Pellicci, Briggs and McArdle) were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame at the 18th Annual ARIA Music Awards of 2004. They performed "Help Is On Its Way" that night.
Three founding members, Birtles, Shorrock and Goble, continue to perform reunion concerts but due to the fact they lost the rights to the name Little River Band, they appear under the name
Birtles Shorrock Goble: The Original Voices of Little River Band.
"Reminiscing", written by Goble, was recognised by
BMI as one of the most frequently played songs in the history of American radio, with more than four million plays to its credit. "Lady" has also accumulated more than three million plays, and Goble is the first and only Australian songwriter ever to win a Four "Million Air" award from BMI. According to Albert Goldman's biography, John Lennon named "Reminiscing" as one of his favorite songs.(wonder why? ~ c'barred) Little River Band continues to work in the US and performs around 100 shows every year. [Source:Wikipedia]
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Rolling Stone noted LRB but had nothing to say (Shock Horror)
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (We can't let any Tom, Dick & foreigner in our Top 500) and the Album ranked at Number (NEXT!)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 73.6 out of 108
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