Saturday, July 29, 2006

Number 986 - Dan Hill

Number 986

Dan Hill

"Sometimes When We Touch"

Genre:Soft Rock
Yes, i know, dreadful artwork on the album cover, spooky even.
But that's where the horror ends.

This song is so beautifully written and performed it reeks of honesty and to the point that its deceptively poignant.

Shall we see what the experts say? Go on you say...Ok lets

"Dan Hill (born Daniel Hill Jr, in Toronto, Ontario, on 3 June 1954 to American emigres) is a biracial Canadian singer and songwriter. He had a major hit in 1977 when he sang the song "Sometimes When We Touch", which continues to be the song for which Hill is most remembered. "

Yawn.... Wasn't that just a great waste of time. Poor Dan Hill, writes and performs a ripsnorter and gets the epitaph "most remembered"
Well, we say..... you rock Mr Hill!

Lets hope that all "Rock Journalist Experts" when they depart this mortal coil, end up in a heavenly library editing Dr Seuss books. Amen. (crowbarred verse 12 chapter 986)
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at (Nope they hated it) and the Album ranked at Number (Nope doesn't even know its out yet)
p.s look up the word biracial (or just click the link) its just a fancy word for so what, is that really relevant?
This song has a crowbarred rating of 47.5 out of 108

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

an amazing song that brings alot to its words**********

2:04 pm  
Blogger crowbarred said...

well said

12:55 am  

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