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Number 585 - Tom Petty

Number 585

Tom Petty

"Running Down a Dream"

Yes, its 1st Birthday! One year ago i created this site, at first it was a joke, i mean c'mon Helen Reddy at Number 1000? But, as butts have it, people were disturbed with some of my early selections (3 entries of the Village People???) and i decided very early on i shouldn't mess with the idea.
So, to the best of my ability, remembering that i had never written anything in HTML before July 27th 2006, and yes and your right, I still haven't learnt that much. HA! to you in the 3rd row chuckling.
But i persevered and self taught myself till i felt that the concept & design were at least half right.
I have also learnt that its not easy making this site a success, for example, The Reddit, Digg, Delicious & Metafilter people were pretty straight forward when it came to if something sucked, my email recieved 50/50 of hate mail as well as the "good on ya's", but i have to tell you i thought it wouldn't take a year to do 1000 songs, and its distressing that i have only completed 415, but its hard with a very demanding full time job that takes up most of my time as it is. But i hope by this time next year it will be FINISHED!
Lastly i want to thank the crew & supporters, without you this would not still be going on, i would have walked away from it months ago & yes, [laff] i do know there are people wishing i did. I make it no secret my desire for this project is to be successful, i do this becuase i love music. Anyway.... Onwards & upwards.
About The Album
Although Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) found the Heartbreakers regaining their strength as a band and discovering a newfound ease at songcraft, it just didn't sell that well. Perhaps that factor, along with road fatigue, led Tom Petty to record his first solo album, Full Moon Fever. Nevertheless, the distinction between "solo" and "Heartbreakers" is a fuzzy one because Full Moon Fever is essentially in the same style as the Heartbreakers albums; Mike Campbell co-wrote two songs and co-produced the record, and he, along with Benmont Tench and Howie Epstein, all play on the album. However, the album sounds different from any Heartbreakers record due to the presence of former Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne. Petty co-wrote the lion's share of the album with Lynne, who also is the record's main producer. In his hands, Petty's roots rock becomes clean and glossy, layered with shimmering vocal harmonies, keyboards, and acoustic guitars. It's a friendly, radio-ready sound, and if it has dated somewhat over the years, the craft is still admirable and appealing.
But the real reason Full Moon Fever became Petty's biggest hit is that it boasted a selection of songs that rivaled Damn the Torpedoes. Full Moon Fever didn't have a weak track; even if a few weren't quite as strong as others, the album was filled with highlights: "I Won't Back Down," the wistful "A Face in the Crowd," the rockabilly throwaways "Yer So Bad" and "A Mind With a Heart of Its Own," the Byrds cover "Feel a Whole Lot Better," the charging "Runnin' Down a Dream," and "Free Fallin'," a coming-of-age ballad that could be Petty's best song. Full Moon Fever might have been meant as an off-the-cuff detour, but it turned into a minor masterpiece. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, [All Music Guide]

Tom Petty said....
"Nirvana to me was the most significant thing since the Beatles."
"I'll endeavor to deserve it and may I remind you that this ain't the end. I can still kick some ass." - Billboard Century Award acceptance speech.
"This is an emergency crisis we’re in. The entertainment media is affecting everything on the planet in a very negative way. I’m only interested in rock ‘n’ roll. Rock ‘n’ roll is a music that represents truth. Your TV channel has taken the word “rock” and knocked the “roll” off the end. You made rock this umbrella term for everything. That’s wrong. Shakira isn’t rock. These country artists with fur coats aren’t rock - or country. I offered a video to VH1 of my band playing in the studio and they don’t want to air it because it had musicians playing in it. They want some babe walking on the beach or whatever. I got turned onto this music by watching the Beatles and the Rolling Stones actually on TV playing their guitars. It completely took me over. When you can’t see musicians playing any more, I’m not interested any more." []
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What does Rolling Stone think about Tom Petty
In 1986, right before Petty and the Heartbreakers embarked upon a world tour with Dylan, Petty’s house burned down (arson was suspected). His wife and two daughters escaped, but most of his belongings were destroyed. Nineteen eighty-seven’s Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough) hit #20 and was certified gold, a relatively disappointing showing in view of the group’s ’80s success. Respite came with the 1988 release of the Traveling Wilburys [see entry] debut; working with former ELO founder/guitarist and fellow Wilbury Jeff Lynne, Petty released the masterful solo album Full Moon Fever. Its “Free Fallin’”(#7, 1989) gave him a revitalizing hit. [Source:Rolling Stone Magazine]

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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (now now Mr C.Barred) and the Album ranked at Number (We make the rules, not you, its been a year... learn!)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 72.5 out of 108 pts

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A remarkable achievement in just a year. You are an inspiration to many of us who do much less than you. You even managed to move house in among it all!! As for the hate mail you should count it a success if you get people to respond at all. Here's to the next year. I've even bought a bottle of antipodean plonk to celebrate. Shame you can't come round and help me do it justice. Never mind, more for me ha ha.

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Blogger crowbarred said...

Thank you indeedy for the high praise. Hope the photo of the birthday cake was not to shocking! But it did take me ages to fit into the suit :)

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