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Number 355 - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Number 355


"Green River"

................Genre: Rock...............
Who sneezed?
Ever wondered why "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynryd has never been on Guitar Hero or Rockband? Simple .. It cant be played by a mortal plastic guitar welding man. Ever wondered why the Creedence Clearwater Revival's song "Green River" [1969] sounds like the Hollies "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" [1972]? Answer ... Not so simple, other than CCR did it first. But, I have covered in an article about songs that do sound famliar before
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Creedence Clearwater are one of the finest [nay, greatest] rock bands ever to exist. Coming from a time period that housed Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Doors, the Who and the Rolling Stones, they come from a most prestigious batch of the finest music [and musicians] ever to grace this planet. ~ crowbarred
What does "Ejector button" mean? [ahahaha]
If anything, CCR's third album "Green River"represents the full flower of their sound initially essayed on its predecessor, Bayou Country. One of the differences between the two albums is that Green River is tighter, with none of the five-minute-plus jams that filled out both their debut and Bayou Country, but the true key to its success is a peak in John Fogerty's creativity. Although CCR had at least one cover on each album, they relied on Fogerty to crank out new material every month. He was writing so frequently that the craft became second-nature and he laid his emotions and fears bare, perhaps unintentionally. Perhaps that's why Green River has fear, anger, dread, and weariness creeping on the edges of gleeful music. This was a band that played rock & roll so joyously that they masked the, well, "sinister" undercurrents in Fogerty's songs. "Bad Moon Rising" has the famous line "Hope you've got your things together/Hope you're quite prepared to die," but that was only the most obvious indication of Fogerty's gloom.
Murray river, VIC, Oz
Consider all the other dark touches: the "Sinister purpose knocking at your door"; the chaos of "Commotion"; the threat of death in "Tombstone Shadow"; you only return to the idyllic "Green River" once you get lost and realize the "world is smolderin'." Even the ballads have a strong melancholy undercurrent, highlighted by "Lodi," where Fogerty imagines himself stuck playing in dead-end towns for the rest of his life. Not the typical thoughts of a newly famous rock & roller, but certainly an indication of Fogerty's inner tumult. For all its darkness, Green River is ultimately welcoming music, since the band rocks hard and bright and the melancholy feels comforting, not alienating. ~ [Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide]
Where the bejeezus is Green River?
Putah Creek, Cali
Green River is a song that was written by John Fogerty and recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It is the title track of their #1 album with the same name. The song is about Putah Creek located near Winters, California. The song was released as a single and reached #2 on the Billboard Charts. As was common at the time, the B-side of the single, Commotion, also charted, reaching #30. It was CCR's third gold single.
Side Notes: Country band Alabama recorded a cover version of the song that appears on their 1982 album Mountain Music.
This song is played in the trailer for the film Taking Woodstock. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
The camp site was run by a decendant of Buffalo Bill Cody. There was an old-fashioned drug store in Winters the had the old fountain drinks using syrup and carbonated water. The syrup used for Limeades the Fogerty used to love was called "Green River" Fogerty later recorded a companion song on "Blue Moon Sawmp" called "Sawmp River Days". ~ [Source: Randy, Beaumont, TX]
For Alabama see MM Vol 1 #132
For Led Zeppelin see #365, #422, #577, #957
For the Beatles see #489, #587, #894, #947
For the Doors see #729, #746, #851
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CCR 1970
and .. What does Rolling Stone think of CCR?
The band's most sustained achievement, 1969's Green River, plays to these imagined Southern-gothic strengths. The title-track boogie offers an oasis of bucolic childhood memories to hide in when "the world is smolderin'." That's also the state of affairs in "Bad Moon Rising," which wraps a blithe rockabilly swing around a soothsayer's ominous vision of oncoming apocalypse. "Hope you are quite prepared to die" might be the most confrontational Vietnam War-era lyric to ever charm AM radio. Fogerty discovered his songwriting voice on 1969's auspicious Bayou Country when he further explored the Louisiana roots of CCR's hit "Suzie Q" cover. He wasn't, as his song proclaimed, "born on the bayou." But he could still conjure a Cajun swamp with a thick and steamy tangle of guitars for the instant classic "Proud Mary." ~ [Source: Rolling Stone]
Need more information on the song "Green River"? Here are some SongFacts for you to ponder over! Click here > Fact Stuff
Official Website for Creedence Clearwater Rival @ This addy & for other Information/Biography click this link > Here ~ crowbarred [because power is knowledge]

Rolling Stone magazine deemed their '355th song of all Time' was "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR. CCR has not appeared in The Definitive 1000 of All Time until this moment. [purely coincidental . rest assured]
Other songs with reference to CCR ~ #360, #392, #413, #418, #496, #505, #557, #640, #707, #814
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (As far as we concerned at Rolling Stone . it sucked) and the Album ranked [but the album .. um ..] #95
This song has a Definitive 1000 rating of 80.6 out of 108
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