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Number 627 - Hot Chocolate

Number 627

Hot Chocolate

"You Sexy Thing"

Carrying on with our theme Disco (coincidentally turned out that way) Hot Chocolate appears at Number 627 with "You Sexy Thing". Now some of you might think i give the "Disco" genre a hard time and you might also think that i don't even like the music, well ...Rubbish. Actually i quite like Hot Chocolate and no i am not talking about the liquid form!
Side note: I always thought the lyrics sang like "I believe in milk bottles... you sexy thing" (Milk bottles are a lolly here in this country) And yes stereo was non existent for the radio in New Zealand during the 70's.

An interracial English funk and soul group, Hot Chocolate scored a pair of huge hits in the '70s but were otherwise more enthusiastic than skilled. Lead singer , guitarist , keyboardist , bassist , drummer , and conga player Pat Olive were the original lineup. They recorded for Big Tree from 1975 to 1978, scoring a Top Ten R&B and pop hit with "You Sexy Thing" in 1975, which also was a gold single. They repeated the trick in 1978 with "Every 1's a Winner," once more earning a gold single in the process. No other Hot Chocolate song ever made it beyond number 40 on the R&B chart, and their albums never packed much commercial punch either. Wilson departed in 1975, and Olive switched to bass in his place. ~ Ron Wynn

As the last song was, Rolling Stone have no view on Disco, er, i mean Hot Chocolate

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Hot Chocolate? Man they need a cold Milo or something) and the Album ranked at Number (Disco is an era we do not talk about @ Rolling Stone..OK?) (I rest my case ~ crowbarred)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 71.5 out of 108
Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing ( 1976 )
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