Thursday, December 28, 2006

Number 679 - Feargal Sharkey

Number 679

Feargal Sharkey

"A Good Heart"

His high, quavering delivery helped give the New Wave band the Undertones their identity, beginning with the 1978 EP recording debut Teenage Kicks. While with the Northern Irish band, sang about teenage angst as the band played spirited punky pop. After the group disbanded in 1983, brothers Sean O'Neill and Damian O'Neill formed That Petrol Emotion, while went solo. A singer with an instantly recognizable voice, he broke through to a wider audience with an inspired cover of Maria McKee's "A Good Heart" from his solo debut, reaching the top of the U.K charts
Helped greatly by producer Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and arranger Michael Kamen on his solo debut, never reached those heights again. He sang on the 1983 EP Never Never by the Assembly, a short-lived band formed by former Yaz member Vince Clarke. released Wish in 1988, but his recording career was essentially done. ~ [Mark Allan Artist.Direct]
For The Undertones see Number 952
For Yazoo see Number 951
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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Who wha n where?) and the album Ranked at (Searching Data banks... tick tick.. tick)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 69.3 out of 108
Unfortunately the record companies keep making youtube remove the video, stupid really since someone else posts another version within a day or so, and also stupid because its not like you make money having an artists video on a website. You would think an artist would love the exposure it gives them.
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