Friday, December 15, 2006

Number 695 - Big Audio Dynamite

Number 695

Big Audio Dynamite


Genre:Alt Pop
Whoa! Guess what Rolling Stone Mag just called their January issue? "The Definitive 50 Albums of 2006" ! now as Napoleon Dynamite says..... Gosh!
(Actually you would think it would be hard to find 50 albums for this year, or am i the only one who thought 2006 sucked musically?)

After Mick Jones was fired from the Clash in 1983, he formed Big Audio Dynamite (B.A.D.) one year later with video artist Don Letts (effects and vocals), (drums), (keyboards), and (bass). B.A.D. debuted on record with the single "The Bottom Line" in September 1985. The group followed the more experimental funk elements of the Clash's Combat Rock, adding samplers, dance tracks, and found sounds to Jones' concise pop songwriting. Jones suffered from a near-fatal bout of pneumonia in 1988, but bounced back with 1989's Megatop Phoenix. After that record, the band split apart at the end of 1989.

For The Clash See Number 999

Jones added Gary Stonadge (bass/vocals), Chris Kavanagh (drums/vocals), and Nick Hawkins (guitar/vocals) to form Big Audio Dynamite II, while Letts, Williams, and Roberts formed Screaming Target and Donovan joined the Sisters of Mercy. Releasing The Globe, the first full-length album with the new lineup, in 1991, B.A.D. II experienced their greatest success yet with the American Top 40 hit single "Rush." In 1994, the band's name was truncated to Big Audio, and the album Higher Power was released.
After Higher Power, Big Audio parted ways with Epic Records, signing with Radioactive in early 1995 and releasing F-Punk later that year. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine and William Ruhlmann

What does Mssrs. R Stone think about B.A.D?
Big Audio Dynamite has always succeeded in making the trendy accessible, absorbing everything from hip-hop to house into a distinctive and inviting sound. Like the band's other three albums, Megatop Phoenix boasts danceable beat-box rhythms and infectious melodies yet remains arty as all getout. And if some of the songs are a little weak, they are redeemed by an undeniable joie de vivre.

A great example of Rolling Stone practising their different dialects i.e french. Non? Sacre Bleu!

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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at (Nous aimons essayer de pisser tous nos accents) and the Album ranked at Number (la brebis ne nous comprennent-elle pas se branle-t-elle ?) Shhh now
This song has a crowbarred rating of 68.6 out of 108
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