Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Number 891 - Sharon O'Neil

Number 891

Sharon O'Neil


I am going write something meaningful and formative and with a hint of nous....

Hubba Bubba!!!!!!!!!! Back in '83 i was just a mere 18 yrs old and was the hottest singer performing in New Zealand (and the world) to me. I will always remember her in a video she made (Asian Paradise?) where she was sitting in a spa pool nekid! (i said put away the talcum!) Ahem, anyway, Sharon (I hope no-one calls her Shazza) made it big here, and, as all big Kiwi acts they all trape of to the big sand dune in the middle of the pacific... Oz.

As luck would go Sharon made it big there too and as reliable as the sun coming up in the morning, Australia made her Australian without asking (Thieves)

"Sharon all but disappeared from the music scene until 2001 when she toured as a guest artist with New Zealand female act, When the Cat's Away. In 2005 she toured Australia as a support act for Leo Sayer and the for the first time a comprehensive collection of her greatest hits was released on CD. In 2006 Sharon toured Australia supporting Leo Sayer. " (Oh God no... *Shudder*)
For Leo Sayer see Number 906
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (that's funny.. Be lucky if they knew who Crowded House were) and the Album ranked at Number ( snzzzz )
This song has a crowbarred rating of 58.3 out of 108

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