Sunday, October 08, 2006

Number 780 - Faith No More

Number 780

Faith No More


Genre:Nu Rock
With their fusion of heavy metal, funk, hip-hop, and progressive rock, Faith No More has earned a substantial cult following. By the time they recorded their first album in 1985, the band had already had a string of lead vocalists, including Courtney Love; their debut, We Care a Lot, featured Chuck Mosley's abrasive vocals but was driven by Jim Martin's metallic guitar. Faith No More's next album, 1987's Introduce Yourself, was a more cohesive and impressive effort; for the first time, the rap and metal elements didn't sound like they were fighting each other.[Source:ArtistDirect]

I must admit when i first heard Faith No More their style of music really didn't appeal to me.Now looking back, Faith No More were really the forerunners of fusion music for the likes of Linkin Park, Gorrilaz, Limp Bizkit and Blindspott (now there's a group which hasn't been heard by many and that is a shame) which were all to follow Faith.
Faith No More's song "Easy" the Lionel Richie cover is a classic which would have been in "The Definitive 1000 Songs Of All Time" but "Epic was far more more important in context of this list.
For Linken Park visit @ MM Vol 1 Number 056
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For Lionel Richie see Number 982
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Epic? So what if it is groundbreaking, our magazine covers are "groundbreaking" too!) and the Album ranked at Number (Bleh)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 65 out of 108

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