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Number 723 - Crocodiles

Number 723

The Crocodiles


How could ya go wrong? A beautiful girl called Jenny Morris and the "Beast" Bruno Lawrence in the same band (The Crocodiles), sounds like chemistry doesn't it? Well only to us "Islanders" yes. But trust me it was short lived, a "One hit wonder" song Tears. Jenny went on to be a successful music artist in Australia and Bruno a legend in the New Zealand film scene.

Jenny Morris was born in New Zealand in 1956. In 1978 she began performing in the all-girls group the Wide Mouthed Frogs. In 1980 followed by the Crocodiles, with Top 20 hit 'Tears' in New Zealand. In 1981 the Crocodiles, at the behest of manager Mike Chunn, moved to Sydney, Australia in February, only to disband in July. Her solo career then commenced.
Jenny Morris sang
Puberty Blues for the film. The single 'Puberty Blues' was released in 1981. Her next single was 'Little By Little' in 1982.
Jenny Morris formed QED with Rex Goh (ex-Air Supply). They released three singles which were only minor successes in Australia. The band released Animal Magic, it included some re-recorded version of the Crocodiles in October 1984. Jenny Morris released 'Get Some Humour' in October 1985. She performed with The Rock Party and released Everything To Live For in 1986, produced by Joe Wissert, Phil Rigger and Phil Beazley. Her next single was 'You're Going To Get Hurt' in August 1986. This established her as a serious singer/songwriter after a number of years of minor success.
In July 1987, Body and Soul. The album was produced by Mark Moffatt and Mixed by Tim Kramer. The album sold over 70,000 copies in Australia (platinum status), and produced a number of hit singles. She won an ARIA for Most Popular Female Performer in 1987 and 1988. There was also Body and Soul The Video. In July 1989, Shiver. Now a maturing artist with much more variation, including joyful reggae of "Self Deceiver," the gentle love song to her unborn child "Little Little" and the up-beat woman’s anthem "She Has to be Loved". The album peaked on the Australian chart at #5, selling over 140,000 copies (double platinum).
As one of Australia's leading female singer/songwriters in 1990 she has toured extensively in Australia and overseas, first with Tears for Fears, then Prince, INXS and Paul McCartney. Jenny Morris re-recorded 'Piece Of My Heart' in 1990. The song appeared on The Story So Far. The song was originally recorded by Janis Joplin. In October 1991, Honeychild. A much more dance-orientated album. The album reached #5 on the Australian album chart. Produced by Nick Launay, Jenny Morris and Mark Forrester. In November 1992, The Story So Far, a best-of compilation was released. The album included 'Jackson', was original performed at the end of Countdown Farewell music show in 1988. Produced by Michael Hutchence In August 1995, Salvation Jane. After a four year gap, with some of Jenny’s strongest vocal work, including the languid "Rhythm and Flow," with its Aboriginal influences. Produced by Andrew Farriss.
For the next few years Jenny Morris dropped out of the limelight, combining occasional gigs with work for environmental causes and her life as a mother.
In August 2002,
Hit & Myth . Despite the long layoff, it sounds like the work of a relaxed and confident woman. The production of Nick Wales has given the album a polished, contemporary feel, with Jenny’s vocals placed high in the mix, allowing the warmth of her voice to shine through.
In 2002, a portrait of Jenny Morris by artist Jan Williamson. She received "Packer's Prize" and "The People's Choice Award". In March 2003, Port Fairy's 27th annual Folk Festival with Archie Roach, John Williamson, Renee Geyer, Jenny Morris and emerging Australian band the Waifs were among the popular performers.
In April 2004, Listen: The Very Best of Jenny Morris. The previous Best Of Collection (The Story So Far) was a platinum success and, due to popular demand, is now repackaged with new artwork and a bonus track. This collection boasts such classic hits as 'Body & Soul', 'She Has To Be Loved', 'Saved Me', 'You I Know' and 'You're Gonna Get Hurt' plus many more.
In May 2005, Alive DVD was recorded in the heart of Sydney at The Basement and features Jenny Morris playing some of the biggest hits from her career. The DVD is the culmination of 20 years of music from one of Australia's most beloved singer/songwriters.
In June 2006, Clear Blue In Stormy Skies is a watershed album for Jenny Morris. Between a dozen remodelled radio hits of the '80s and '90s is an overdue reaffirmation of her rare gifts as a singer and songwriter
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