Sunday, August 20, 2006

Number 877 - Paula Cole

Number 877

Paula Cole

"Where Have All The Real
Cowboy's Gone?"

Genre:Alt Pop

Paula Cole asks a very important question, with all the hoo ha over Brokeback Mountain i'd say all cowboys are hiding in the forest ... alone.

"Paula Cole (born April 5, 1968 in Rockport, Massachusetts, USA) is an American singer and songwriter. Cole was born to a visual artist mother and a father who was an entomologist who formerly played polka music. Cole entered the Berklee College of Music in Boston when she was 18, where she studied jazz singing and improvisation. Although some press and stories focused on Cole being an unpopular and lonely child during her schooling in Rockport public schools, this is almost purely fiction. She was, in fact, from middle school on, a very popular student, holding office as class president and student councilor"

"In late 1996 Cole released her sophomore album on Warner Brothers, This Fire, which was entirely self-produced. The albums's debut single, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone", became an instant smash radio (reaching #8 on Billboard magazine's pop chart) and MTV hit. The follow up single, "I Don't Want To Wait", was a #11 pop hit single, thanks in part to the fact that it was made the theme song to the popular teen drama Dawson's Creek. (The song was considered by many to be so overplayed that it was lampooned on various sketch comedy shows. Memorably, a sketch on MADtv found a spoof of Dawson's Creek in which someone bursts in on a romantic scene and destroys a radio playing the song.)"

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Did you really need to ask?) and the Album ranked at Number (yawn)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 58.9 out of 108
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