Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Number 929 - Bob Dylan

Number 929

Bob Dylan

"Like A Rolling Stone"

................Genre: Folk Rock...............

Rolling Stone Magazine will be jumping up and down over this entry, yelling "Cakes and PIES!!" "Cakes AND PIES!!!" Clapping their hands like a "special needs" puppy over icecream.

Yes Mr Rolling Stone Magazine, it is indeed a fine song, but is it that good enough of a song to give 5 Stars for every album released since, & for the rest of his life ???

CAKES AND PIES !!!! YES (just give them the icecream willya)

Anway, truth is is the immortal pilot of poets. (we have one here in (NZ) called ~ He dont sing tho thankfully) His influence on other artists are nothing short of amazing. (Just dont ask me why)
For more Bob Dylan see Number 841 & #491
What does RS think of their hero?
For over 40 years, Bob Dylan has remained, along with James Brown, the most influential American musician rock and roll has ever produced and the most important of the '60s. Inscrutable and unpredictable, Dylan has been both deified and denounced for every shift of interest, while whole schools of musicians took up his ideas. His lyrics — the first in rock to be seriously regarded as literature — became so well known that politicians from Jimmy Carter to Vaclav Havel have cited them as an influence. By personalizing folk songs, Dylan reinvented the singer-songwriter genre; by performing his allusive, poetic songs in his nasal, spontaneous vocal style with an electric band, he enlarged pop's range and vocabulary while creating a widely imitated sound. By recording with Nashville veterans, he reconnected rock and country, hinting at the country rock of the 1970s. In the 1980s and 1990s, although he often seemed to flounder (particularly in the 1980s), he still had the ability to challenge, influence, and surprise listener — something he did more reliably from the late-1990s forward than at any time since early in his career. ~ [Source: Rolling Stone]
For James Brown see Number 741

Rolling Stone Magazine get the last say here, so go for it Fido (cakes and pies !!!!!!) after all it is their NUMBER ONE song on the Top 500 Songs Of All Time
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number 1 and the Album ranked at Number 4
This song has a crowbarred rating of 54.6 out of 108

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Blogger avallone195 said...

putting this at 292 just made your list lose ALL credibility

11:16 am  
Blogger crowbarred said...

whoever said i had any to start with?

6:30 pm  

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