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Number 656 - Weezer

Number 656


"Buddy Holly"

Genre:Alt Pop
Weezer, are they that good? Lets see... MTV even went so far as to call Weezer "most important band of the last ten years." In the article, they go on to explain...There are countless bands that have made their mark over the past 10 years, and undoubtedly fans will shout their names loudly in disagreement to this argument. ? Just following in the footsteps of an already established musical genre (East Bay punk). The ? Destroyed by their own self-indulgences. ? Even they haven't topped the space-rock grandeur of OK Computer. ushered in the 1990s, kicking and screaming, and you could argue that every band that has risen to prominence since has essentially been a son of Nirvana.
Well, none of
's sibling sons of Nirvana have been as influential as them. And for that, and because they've spawned a whole new generation of bands that are doing exactly what they were doing a decade ago, we should give Weezer the respect they deserve"
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Well that's mighty fine praise indeed, but I'd say there are a few things in their statement that could be bought up for discussion, don't you think? But whatever the case, they deserve to be in the "Definitive 1000 Songs of all Time" because I am answering my opening statement, they are that good.

Weezer were formed on February 14, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, by Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp, and Jason Cropper. Five weeks after forming, they had their first gig, opening for Dogstar (featuring Keanu Reeves) at Raji's Bar and Ribshack on Hollywood Boulevard. Weezer played clubs and other small venues around L.A. The band eventually attracted attention from major-label A&R reps looking for alternative rock bands. They were signed to the DGC label (which later became Interscope) on June 26, 1993, by Todd Sullivan, an A&R rep from Geffen Records.
The self-titled debut, Weezer, commonly referred to as the Blue Album, was released May 10, 1994. The album was produced by former Cars frontman Ric Ocasek and recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. During the recording of the Blue Album, Jason Cropper left the band and was replaced by Brian Bell, a then-bassist for the band Carnival Art. "Undone - The Sweater Song" was released as the first single. The music video was directed by Spike Jonze. Filmed in an unbroken take, it featured Weezer performing on a sound stage with various amusing studio antics, including a pack of dogs swarming the set.
Jonze also directed the band's second video, "Buddy Holly." The video featured footage from the television sitcom Happy Days spliced with the band performing in a remade "Arnold's Diner," a familiar setting from the series. The video achieved heavy rotation on MTV and went on to win Jonze and the band four MTV Video Music Awards, including Breakthrough Video and Best Alternative Music Video, and two Billboard Music Video Awards. The success of the video arguably pushed the band into the mainstream spotlight. Highlighting this was Microsoft choosing to include the video on the CD-ROM for the initial release of Windows 95 to demonstrate the multimedia capabilities of the operating system.
The video for Weezer's third single, "Say It Ain't So," was directed by Sophie Muller.It featured the bandmates playing hacky sack and performing in the band's original rehearsal space and home in California. A photo of what the band calls the "Garage" is featured on the inside cover of the album. The house featured in the video has since been demolished.
The Blue Album is currently certified triple
platinum in the United States, making it Weezer's all-time best seller. It is ranked 297 on
Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums.It was re-released and repackaged in 2004 as a Deluxe Edition, which included a second disc of b-sides along with other previously unreleased rarities.
What is Weezer currently up to ?
The band is currently on break from touring and promotion. In the summer of 2006, MTV news speculated on the breakup of the band, based on statements made by Rivers Cuomo in an interview. Many national media outlets picked up on the headline and began announcing the breakup as fact. But subsequent statements by Cuomo in his blog pointed out that he was misquoted and the band is still together and that he had written a lot of songs and planned on continuing to do so. Other members of the band have also announced the band is still together.
The band has announced the possible release of a live DVD comprised of footage from the 2005 Japan tour. It will consist of a 2-day, 7-camera shoot of the shows in Japan, plus material that will be drawn from various behind-the-scenes footage. The DVD was announced in late 2005, but in a recent update on the band's website, Karl Koch noted it was "apparently edited, but has been put on hold for now." A news press release announced a greatest hits collection for for a Fall 2006 release that would feature "several new tracks". The band's website noted that this announcement was premature, as plans for a greatest hits CD have not been finalized. No further official news has been released. Weezer is still on contract with Geffen for 2 more records and band members, although rarely interviewed on the subject, continue to talk of future Weezer plans.
In February of 2007, Rick Rubin, in an interview for News, mentioned Cuomo sending in new demos, confirming that the band is still together and may be working on new material in the near future
~ [Source:Wikipedia]

What does Rolling Stone think about Weezer?
Wafting out of countless college dorms, "Undone – the Sweater Song" seemed only the latest in slacker sloth: Above an ambience of beer-bash chitchat, a sad sack wails forlornly (the title "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" just about sums the album up).
But these four young survivors of the Los Angeles club wars can no doubt handle the mixed blessing of a novelty hit. Weezer's Rivers Cuomo is great at sketching vignettes (the Dungeons and Dragons games and Kiss posters that inspire the hapless daydreamer of "In the Garage"), and with sweet inspiration like the waltz tempo of "My Name Is Jonas" and the self-deprecating humor of lines like "I look like Buddy Holly/You're Mary Tyler Moore," his songs easily ingratiate.
[Source:Rolling Stone RS 698/699]
Boy, didn't Rolling Stone get that one so wrong! And as far as i know, they gave it 0 stars out of 5 in their initial review (i could be wrong) yet in their Top 500 Albums proclaimed it the 297th greatest album of all time and even more startling Buddy Holly song @ 497! Now that's fragging funny. That deserves a Homer Award (check out entry Number 802)
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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number 497 and the Album ranked at Number 297
This song has a crowbarred rating of 70.3 out of 108 pts
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