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Number 947 - Beatles

Number 947


"I Want You"

Mr Gary Shackleton (Gazza) always reminds me "How we can get the Beatles Back together again........ with just 2 bullets)

I have ignored that comment for 20 years now. (Back then it was 3 bullets)

Still wasn't amusing back then either.


Instead of me telling you why this is the greatest band ever, lets look at some of the facts (pay attention Mr Shackleton you will learn something here)
Total Weeks On Chart = 1,278 This is a record, NO act has had more weeks on the chart.
Number Ones = 15 This tops the list of "Most number Ones by any act", with the Rolling Stones 5 albums behind them in 2nd place.Total Weeks At Number One = 175 A clear record, with no-one else coming anywhere near this total.
Most weeks at Number 1 in one year = 40 This was in 1964, in 1963 they were number one for 34 weeks, and 1967 for 26 weeks.The record is by "South Pacific", which managed the whole of 1959 at number one (all 52 weeks).
Most number 1 albums in one year = 3
The Beatles did this in 1965, the feat was equalled by in 1972.(The Beatles had two number one's in a year on five occasions)
Album spending the longest at Number one, "Please Please Me" = 30 weeks
This is fourth in the all-time list.

Most Consecutive weeks at Number one, "Please Please Me" = 30 weeks Second to "South Pacific", but the Beatles are 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th behind it.
Consecutive number one hit albums = 7
This is beaten by Abba and Led Zeppelin both with 8 consecutive number ones.

First EVER album to debut at number one = "Help !"
The Beatles then entered straight in at number 1 a total of 6 times.

Self-replacement at the top = 2
The Beatles are the only band to twice knock themselves off the top of the chart.

Total weeks at the top of album and singles chart at the same time = 45 weeks
This is over double the number of any other act.

Most consecutive weeks at the top of album and singles chart at the same time = 7 weeks
Once again a record, although a few have come close.

The most chart domination at ANY time in history = 12th December 1963
For THREE weeks, The Beatles had :The number 1 and 2 top singles.The number 1 and 2 top E.P.'sThe number 1 and 2 top albums.
The only ever "double-whammy" in history !! - 23rd July 1964
The Beatles knocked the Rolling Stones off the top slot in the Singles AND album charts.

Consecutive Christmas Number One albums = 3 1963-1965
The Beatles ARE the artist with the highest album sales in total in the U.S.

They have sold almost 107,000,000 albums in the U.S. (Garth Brooks is 2nd with 92,000,000)

Gold Albums Paul McCartney has been awarded 17 in the U.K. (and 20 in the U.S.)

The Beatles been awarded 14 in the U.K.

For Rolling Stones see Number 689 & #767
For more Beatles see Number 489, #587, #894
For Abba See Number 919
For Led Zeppelin see Number 577 & #957
For Garth Brooks see @ MM Vol 1 #128

Beat that Miss !

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Not this one anyway) and the Album ranked at Number 14
This song has a crowbarred rating of 53.6 out of 108
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