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Number 477 - Joe Satriani

Number 477

Joe Satriani

"Surfing With The Alien"

Genre:Guitar Rock
art by jotapehq
Rolling Stone Magazine absolutely SNUBBED Joe Satriani with their controversial "Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists". >click here for the list< actually the list is beyond belief. I mean, David Gilmour at number 82? I DONT THINK SO TIM!
Now if I could do a list, well ... it would go a little something like this ......
#1: Eddie Hazel
#2: Joe Satriani
#3: David Gilmour
#4: Jimmy Page
#5: Stevie Ray Vaughan
#6: Kirt Hammett
#7: Slash
#8: Steve Vai
#9: Randy Rhoads
(Red=charted already in Definitive 1000, Blue= not charted)
But if I was to compile a list for Rolling Stone's Top 100, it sure wouldn't be off my own bat, it would have to be the vote of the people and not some cronies down in 1290 Avenue of the Americas!
A blue dream
Not content to sit on his laurels, Joe Satriani released the groundbreaking instrumental album Surfing with the Alien in 1987, leaving guitarists and musicians everywhere stunned and amazed by the playing and musicianship displayed. Satriani defined his sound more sharply to further develop his distinct musical tone, and his playing continued to evolve to higher levels with each new panorama of notes he blazed out. Whether it was the twisted, horizon-pushing "Ice 9," the fiery, churning "Surfing with the Alien," the bluesy rock shuffle of "Crushing Day," the straight-ahead, slamming "Satch Boogie," or the more subdued, soulful "Always with Me, Always with You," Satriani's style and songwriting were uniquely his own. Taking guitar playing and song composition to new levels, this is a remarkable recording. ~ [Phil Carter, All Music Guide]
For more Joe Satriani see Number 688
Album Cover
The album cover depicts the Marvel Comics character the Silver Surfer on the front and the hand of Galactus on the back. The image is from Silver Surfer #1 (1982). The artist, John Byrne, has noted that the image was used without his permission and that he has never received payment for its use. The art is lifted from panel 1 of page 6 of SILVER SURFER #1 published in 1982. Along with Satriani's releases up to his 1995 self-titled album, Surfing with the Alien re-issued in 1997 on Epic Records and again in 2007 for a legacy edition celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release. The Relativity Records version is now out of print. ~ [Source:Wikipedia]
To find out what Rolling Stone think about Joe Satriani >click here<
Rolling Stone magazine deemed their '477th Song of all Time' was "Super Freak" by Rick James. Rick James "Super Freak" has appeared in The Definitive 1000 @ Number 810
Other songs with reference to Joe Satriani #515, #537, #592, #659, #686, #718, #896
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (We have never recognised him) and the Album ranked at (No-on is better than our Hendrix & Clapton!)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 76.2 out of 108
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