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Number 540 - The Crests

Number 540

The Crests

"16 Candles"

Genre:Doo Wop
So, your all hanging out for the Led Zeppelin concert huh? All got your tickets? No? Or are you one of the lucky 0.00054644 % of the worlds population that has a ticket? C'mon, you can tell me ...... you won it on a radio station competition didn't you? Well for the fortunate ones who do have a ticket, i hope its all that you want it to be, and hey, don't sweat it, I'm sure Jimmy Page's broken finger will recover for that Stairway to Heaven solo. Me, I'll just wait for the DVD.
Tell you what i am curious about is ........ who on earth do you get to open for Led Zeppelin when they do play? Could you imagine (whatever the band it is) how they would feel "on the night"? Who would you have opening for Led Zeppelin come December 10th? I bet you this, it ain't Scissor Sisters !~ Crowbarred. (Velvet Revolver?)

Your right its not Led Zep
One of the most successful integrated doo wop groups, the Crests waxed the classic ballad "16 Candles" in 1959. Formed in 1956, they began recording the next year for Joyce, where they inched onto the pop lists with "Sweetest One." Moving to the brand-new Coed logo, Johnny Maestro's (b. May 7, 1939) warm tenor made "16 Candles" a national smash, and pop/R&B hybrids like "The Angels Listened In" and "Step by Step" also did well. Maestro went solo in 1960, scoring the next year with "Model Girl" on Coed, while the Crests attempted to survive on their own. Maestro eventually reclaimed stardom as leader of Brooklyn Bridge, an 11-piece aggregation that hit with "Worst That Could Happen" in 1968. ~ [Bill Dahl, All Music Guide]

Wikipedia say .........
The Crests were a popular New York R&B musical group of the late 1950s, often thought to be another all-black teenage-sound band, they were in fact about as integrated as a group could get, with four men (two of them black, one Puerto Rican and one Italian) and one black female. Johnny Maestro left for a solo career in 1960. He would later join The Del Satins, which would become Brooklyn Bridge. They had a Top 40 hit with "The Worst That Could Happen" in 1968. His place was taken by new lead James Ancrum. The group recorded a new single, "Little Miracles." It was the first single not to chart in the top 100. Gough quit the group after the single, and was replaced by Gary Lewis (not the same as Gary Lewis & the Playboys). The group failed to find success throughout the decade. Their most popular song was "Sixteen Candles" which rose to number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1958. ~ [Source:Wikipedia]
If Jimmy Page's finger is not "healed" in time, may i suggest Chris aka "White Heat" Blakey cover for him, he can shred Black Dog like no other. In this video below here is his roadies talking about "White Heat" Be amazed.

White Heat
For Led Zeppelin see Number 957 & Number 577
Artist Fact File
Name:The Crests...................Related to³:The Brooklyn Bridge
Yrs Active:1956 to now............Site:www.thecrests.com
Best Song¹:Sixteen Candles........#1fan:none
Best Album²:Crests sing Biggies...Grammy Awards:0
Albums Sold:Unknown...............Next best thing:Danny & The Juniors
¹Number of downloads WINMX ²Artistdirect choice ³Associated acts or collaborations
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Way before our time) and the Album ranked at Number (Hey, whos White Heat??)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 73.9 out of 108 pts

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