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Number 359 - Skunk Anansie

Number 359

Skunk Anansie

"Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)"

................Genre: Alt Rock...............
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No, Hedonism is not a form of S&M. Hedonism = is a school of ethics which argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good. [who says music cannot be educational?]
Welcome to 2010. Lets hope this decade produces better music than it did in the last decade. Imagine doing a "Definitive 1000 songs of 2005 to 2055??? Even with 5 years under that particular titles "belt" you would be lucky to scratch up 100 songs. Mind you, in the 90's no-one thought music would ever be good again as it was in the 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's and i was highly dubious of the 80's sound in the first place! Skunk Anansie was [is ~ they have re-formed again ] in the 90's during the post-grunge surge that followed. This would become the genre called Alternative Rock as it is today.
Skunk Anansie's now iconic song "Hedonism" is living proof of a time when rock music was in its greatest prime, as it survived from the ashes of Grunge. Subsequently, rock died to the ever living and ever growing Pop, Dance & Rap genre that would sour the new millennium. But hopefully ... not beyond.~ crowbarred
Deborah Dyer AKA = Skin
A multiracial quartet formed in Britain, Skunk Anansie plays what its lead singer, Skin, calls clit-rock -- an amalgam of heavy metal and black feminist rage. Skin began singing in high school for a classmate's band after considering the offer for over a year. Six years after that band broke up, the members of Skunk Anansie (including bass player Cass) met one another by chance. Their name was taken from the West Indian folk tales of Anansie the spider-man, with "Skunk" added to make the name nastier. The group played its first gig at London's Splash club in March 1994, subsequently taking six weeks to record its debut album, Paranoid and Sunburnt, at a haunted house outside the city. Their first single, "Selling Jesus,"[UK #46] was featured on the soundtrack of the film Strange Days; Stoosh followed in 1996, and three years later Skunk Anansie returned with Post Orgasmic Chill. They broke up in 2001. After Skunk Anansie split, Skin released her debut solo album Fleshwounds. The album was toned down from her Skunk Anansie days and did not gain the same acclaim from Skunk Anansie fans. She even ditched her trademark bald look and grew her hair into a boyish crop. ~ [Steve Huey, All Music Guide]
Stoosh [album]
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The second offering from aggro-political rockers Skunk Anansie finds producer Garth Richardson (L7, Rage Against the Machine) at the helm. Frontwoman Skin's vocals grab the listener by the scruff of the neck and demand attention. The rest of the band backs her with a frenzied, yet focused, sonic attack, giving serious punch to tracks like the breakneck "Twisted (Everyday Hurts)" [UK #26] and the lumbering, scathing "We Love Your Apathy." Stoosh finds Skunk Anansie still raging for political activism (albeit sometimes through muddy lyrics), and the band makes no bones about that fact (addressed succinctly on "Yes It's F*****g Political." Skin proves herself capable of more personal issues as well on the subtle, moody "Infidelity (Only You)" and the lighter (musically) pop/rocker "Glorious Pop Song." Skunk Anansie's full-frontal charge can be wearing at times, but for a good dose of aggressive, hard rock with better-than-average lyrics, Stoosh succeeds more than it fails. ~ [Tom Demalon, All Music Guide]
Fact: The band in 2004, were named as one of the most-successful UK chart acts between 1952-2003 by Guinness Book of British Hit Singles & Albums, with a total of 141 weeks on both the singles and album charts ranking them at #491.When the book first published this annual top 500 list in 2000, it only involved weeks spent on the singles chart until 2004's 17th edition, meaning the band's highest ranking has not been notified in any of the past editions. Their longest running release is 1996's Stoosh album with 55 weeks and a peak of #9 ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
For more Skunk Anansie visit MM Vol 1 #065
For Rage Against The Machine see #588
Rolling Stone thinks? .....
As you guessed, Rolling Stone have not heard of Skunk Anansie but in saying that, nor does NME [New Musical Express] have much to say either., however, does have a paragrapgh ....
When mad-at-the-world Riot Grrrl virulence capitulated to the self-celebratory bromides of "Girl Power," it took woman-fronted Skunk Anansie to come along and define a middle ground. Catchy, but oh-so-sassy, these British chart hogs combine the pluck and impudence of Punk and the driving, Metal-plated rock of frowsy feminist rockers L7 and company. ~ Chad Driscoll -]
Rolling Stone magazine deemed their '359th song of all Time' was "Got My Mojo Working" by Muddy Waters. Muddy Waters has not appeared in The Definitive 1000 of All Time.
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Skunk who?) and the Album ranked at (Do you have to wear leather for Hedonism?)
This song has a Definitive 1000 rating of 80.5 out of 108
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