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Number 566 - Juice Newton

Number 566

Juice Newton

"Angel in The Morning"

When Mr. Crowbarred asked me if I would like to participate in this little project of his & because of my passion for the arts, I didn't hesitate in saying yes. I thought the only challenge I'd have doing this would be finding the time to do it. How wrong was I?
Little did I know that this song would be one of the many that dredge up memories so painful that I'd rather not, but eh, we all have to feel to heal. Right? (what a crock of shite that is).
Ever loved someone so much that your entire being aches when they aren't near you? Breathed at the same time they do? Finished their sentences, or they yours? Did you love them so much that your heart's beat at the same time? You could feel them close to you even when they were no-where near?
Yes those kind of feelings are a once in a lifetime thing, once in a lifetime love.
If you have it, keep it, it's to be treasured. If you want it, wait, it will happen.If you've lost it, pray you'll have it again. As for me? I live for my music.
~ Tez
Juice Newton known for her impact on the pop, as well as the country music scene, exhibits diversity in her music as well as her stage show. Juice keeps her performances varied with the energy of her top-notch touring band, and the intimacy of an acoustic setting. Otha Young, Juice's long time musical partner and songwriter, said, "With the band we have now can give the audience the full spectrum of Juice's music." Juice's musical tastes were developed early. She grew up in Virginia Beach, where her Navy upbringing exposed her to a variety of musical influences. She could be found singing in area coffee houses developing her emotional, heartfelt folk songs. Juice went west for college and formed a folk-rock trio in Northern California. The trio developed a large following and became known as Silver Spur. Otha Young, Juice's long time partner and songwriter was also a member of this eclectic, unique trio. [Source:Juice]
Juice was Juice Newton's breakthrough album, sending her into not only into the country Top Ten, but also to the top of the pop charts. The key to her success was how her country-pop not only drew from country roots, but also '60s AM pop, folk-rock, and roots rock. For instance, the country production on "Angel of the Morning" can't disguise its soft rock roots. Similarly, "Queen of Hearts" simply replicates Dave Edmunds' version from Repeat When Necessary, down to the vocal inflections and guitar breaks. But Newton's version is slicker, which appealed both to country and pop radio. Throughout Juice, Newton straddles the line between country and pop, playing to both sides of the market. As it happened, she appealed to both. As an album, Juice has its weak moments, but she sings well throughout the record, and when she has the right material -- as on the hit singles -- the results are highly entertaining. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
For Dave Edmunds see Number 616
Rolling Stone have no view on Jucie Newton (Booooooooooooo!)
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Coffe? Tea? Juice?) the Album ranked at Number (We dont think so Missy)
This song has a TEZ rating of 73.3 out of 108
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