Thursday, August 24, 2006

Number 866 - Elastica

Number 866




Genre:Alt Pop
This is what Debrah Harry would sound like if she kicked off in the 90's instead of the 70's. (am i being to harsh to Elastica? Dunno) Quirky song though.
"Entering the charts at number one, Elastica's self-titled first album became the fastest-selling debut in the U.K., beating the record Oasis' Definitely Maybe set only seven months earlier. As well as being a popular success, the record received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Like Oasis, Elastica managed to have a hit single in America with "Connection"; the single was a major modern rock radio hit, as well as reaching the Top 100 on the singles chart. Elastica continued to make headway in America by replacing Sinead O'Connor on the 1995 Lollapalooza tour, although the group suffered a blow when Holland announced her exit from the lineup." [Source:ArtistDirect]
For Debrah Harry see Number 594
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (To get in R.S list you would have to name your group "Mick Lennon Plant") and the Album ranked at Number (Huh)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 59.7 out of 108
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