Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Number 872 - Barry Manilow

Number 872

Barry Manilow

"I Write The Songs"

"Piss Off ! you can't have Barry Bloody Manilow on ya Charts???"

Oh yesssss i can and i tell you why (Even your bleedin' Rolling Stone Mag has something to say here) ...................
"Manilow dominated the charts for much of the 1970s with a string of major hit singles and multi-platinum albums. His music has often been considered by many to be "kitsch" or "camp", owing to its difference in style from the majority of the pop or rock charts. Despite the frequent barbs from critics, as well as the lampooning by comedians, he continues to maintain a large fan base, especially among baby-boomer women in his native United States. This is evidenced by the No. 1 debut of his 2006 album The Greatest Songs of the Fifties. In 1990, Rolling Stone proclaimed him "the showman of our generation"." (Wot rubbish)
"He has sold 75 million records worldwide." (Crikey! .... Thats a few innit)
"Manilow's first album was released by Bell Records, (later known as Arista records) in 1973. The album contained an eclectic mix of piano-driven pop, Big Band remakes, and guitar-driven rock. His second album, which was named Barry Manilow II (Bell/Arista, 1974) contained Manilow's huge breakthrough hit "Mandy." This led to a string of hit singles and albums that lasted through the rest of the 1970s, ending in the early 1980's. While Manilow is known as a songwriter, it is ironic that he did not write "I Write The Songs", which was actually written by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys. " (written about Brian Wilson)
For Beach Boys see Number 714, Number 641, #576, #560 & #517
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (What a cheek here they rant about him being the best performer ever in the world & they dont even rate him in their Top 500 Songs Ever!) and the Album ranked at Number (I smell a lie)
This song has a crowbarred rating of 59.3 out of 108
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