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Number 465 - David Bowie

Number 465

David Bowie

"Lets Dance"

This is the David Bowie i grew up with, well not literally, otherwise my name would be Zowie. It must be interesting for Bowie having to deal with 4 different sets of and 5 decades of fans/admirers of his music. There are his 60's pop fans who think 1967's "The Laughing Gnome" is a classic [which it isn't and to be blunt, "Godawful"], then there are his 70's Glam Rock groupies who insist this is his "definitive period" [who am i to disagree?],to the 80's pop/dance crowd who loved "Cat People", "Lets Dance" & "China Girl" et al.
Of course that leaves the 90's & Millenniumster's and which to be honest is nothing to talk about. Now that Bowie is the ripe old age of 61 in 2008, you can probably, maybe even safely predict his chart days are over. But it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he did record a number one song again, because this man is just to talented not to try.
What of Bowie in 2008?, well if you're lucky enough to be a residing Englander .... On 29 June 2008, Bowie released a new compilation entitled iSELECT. This CD was a collection of personal favourites compiled by Bowie himself and was available exclusively as a free gift with the British newspaper The Mail On Sunday. The compilation is notable in that it only contained one major hit single, "Life on Mars?", and concentrated on lesser-known album tracks.
Gonna stare you out
After summing up his maverick tendencies on Scary Monsters, David Bowie aimed for the mainstream with Let's Dance. Hiring Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers as a co-producer, Bowie created a stylish, synthesized post-disco dance music that was equally informed by classic soul and the emerging new romantic subgenre of new wave, which was ironically heavily inspired by Bowie himself. Let's Dance comes tearing out of the date, propulsed by the skittering "Modern Love," the seductively menacing "China Girl," and the brittle funk of the title track. All three songs became international hits, and for good reason -- they're catchy, accessible pop songs that have just enough of an alien edge to make them distinctive. However, that careful balance is quickly thrown off by a succession of pleasant but unremarkable plastic soul workouts. "Cat People" and a cover of Metro's "Criminal World" are relatively strong songs, but the remainder of the album indicates that Bowie was entering a songwriting slump. However, the three hits were enough to make the album a massive hit, and their power hasn't diminished over the years, even if the rest of the record sounds like an artifact. ~ [Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide]
For Chic see Number 902
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How did this album become his biggest selling hit?
art by lily-fox
It is a post-disco album with co-production by Chic's Nile Rodgers. Its title track has become a standard, and the album also featured the singles "Modern Love" and "China Girl", the latter causing something of a stir due to its suggestive promotional video. "China Girl" was actually a new version of a song which Bowie had co-written with Iggy Pop for The Idiot. Let's Dance is also notable as a stepping stone for the career of the late Texan blues guitar virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughan, who played on the album. It was also available as a limited edition Picture Disc which on one side shows the album front cover photo along with the track listing, while on the other side it says "Serious Moonlight Tour '83" along with a concert photo. ~ [Source:wikipedia]
If you have a world class producer, one of the world best guitarist's and quite a few catchy songs ... how could it not be a winner?
For Stevie Ray Vaughan see Number 592
For Iggy Pop see Number 980
Once again, What does Rolling Stone think of Bowie?
As a pop-culture changeling flitting from pose to pose, David Bowie is overrated. Ultimately, there isn't that much difference between Ziggy Stardust and the Elephant Man – they're both ugly misfits who want to control their worlds. However, as a pop musician, endlessly experimenting and exhausting new styles, Bowie is unduly neglected. He has been consistently astute in his choice of collaborators, from Mick Ronson to Brian Eno. And now, the Thin White Duke has teamed up with a master of black rock, Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers, for an album of chilly dance music.
art available @ Jessica59874
But now Bowie and Rodgers are back, and the title song of Let's Dance is a jittery, bopping single as vital as anything on the radio. It's also relevant to add that Gary Numan is a has-been: there's a difference between following trends and running them into the ground, after all. It's a great, giddy moment: David Bowie cuts a rug, and cuts the crap. Love is the answer, get down and boogie. Let's dance, indeed. ~ [Source Rolling Stone 1997 - Ken Tucker]
Gary Numan is a has-been?????????? Just wait till i get ahold of Ken Tuckers email address and post it on the Gary Numan fan site!
For Gary Numan see Number 945
Rolling Stone magazine deemed their '465th Song of all Time' was "Surrender" by Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick has appeared in The Definitive 1000 @ #651
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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Nope - RS are from the 70's group) and the Album ranked at (70s 70s 70s 70s 70s Bowie only)
This song has a Definitive 1000 rating of 76.6 out of 108
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